I, Gabriel 4

When Jennie comes over to where I’m learning to sit from a lying position, I cease the chance to talk to her.

“Hi, Jennie?” I whisper and she presses her purple teddy tightly to her chest, immensely blown away. I place my pointer over my lips and give her a prolonged ‘sh’ sound as a sign she shouldn’t let the cat out of the bag yet with her eccentric hysteric mannerism. She gets it and calms down a bit but still looks apprehensive. She sure knows babies my age only gurgle and coo. They don’t converse meaningfully.

“How are you,” I whisper again to get her flap her tongue but her main focus is my mouth with an intermittent glance over her shoulder at my mom and hers, probably wishing they could wiretap my eloquence.

“How could you do that? You’re just a baby” She asks, her voice shaky. I feel happy that she responds.

“This is okay Jennie. Some babies talk early and some earlier than others. I know I’m freaking you out but understand that this is how I am.” I whispered

She keeps mute, looks at me as if I’m one hell of an unearthly being and back at them and makes to skedaddle.

“Don’t go away, Jennie. You can talk to people, right? Say your mind, ask questions, contribute to discussions, right? I’ve been longing since I turned two months to express my opinions just like that but I don’t want to scare them. It’s not everyone that can stand an eloquent infant. That’s why I chose to talk to you, Jennie. I feel you’re strong at heart.” I stop when I notice her eyes bulge and her face become disorganised by the horror movie before her in such a way that amuses me but when she slumps on the floor fainted, I freak out. Mum and Elina rush to the scene and carry her to the sofa. Mum calls the emergency and as we all wait for the paramedics to arrive, they both ask, “what could have happened to her,” and mom keeps asking if she was ill.

As I look at her lying there as though dead, a thought crosses my mind. I know that when she wakes, it will never be the same again, I will always be a weirdo, she might stop coming to our house too.

Well, I guess I didn’t quite know Jennie well. Now that I know she shakes like a leaf too, just like all of the – mom and others, I’ll never distress her with my eloquent chatter. I only wish my self-revelation living in her memory could vanish with her present unconsciousness state so that when she wakes up, it will be her usual peaceful happy childish life.


I, Gabriel 2: Obstacles I face


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As a future inventor of a sophisticated robot capable of ending human labour, distraction is one of my biggest enemy. If ever I’m going to be crimped, it will definitely be hugely by my supernatural trait

I’m beginning to think that soon, I mean very soon, everyone will find out and my entire life and plans will be turned upside down.

A minor but powerful source of distraction I face right now is my hyperactive, talkative, of a nanny who at my detriment, is always with me; playing, singing, dancing to entertain me. The most annoying part happens when she spends all day making funny faces at me, bouncing me severally on her lap and throwing me up in the air to catch me mid-air.

Well, I know she means well but, I wish she could just disappear and leave me alone. As I’m thinking about how to get rid of her, she enters my room again for the twentieth time in an hour and starts talking to me about her son who gets bullied at school as if I’m her age.

“No one who bullies my child goes free. No bully beats my child! Not my baby!” She slaps both palm on her busty chest and shakes her head afterwards.

“Neither will I allow anyone bully you at school. I would fight back.” She turns to check on me before reaching for the door knob.

“Fight back? Who? A child?” She slowly withdraws her hand and listens. I close my eyes. When next I open them, she has gently closed the door.

She re-enters after few minutes with my meal. I look at her and feel sorry for her. What I’m about to do will surely scare her but my brain is all set to make it happen. I can’t control it now.

“Come on baby. Come take your meal. I’m sure you’re famished. Why don’t you ever cry? You’re such a good child. My former child cried every couple of minutes and I didnt like it. You’re the best Baby!” She went on and on and my brain becomes very active to make the vice happen.

She approaches my cot and hovers over it smiling as she tickles my neck, tommy, feet and the rest of them playfully, I sit up, then stand up, walk to the edge, hold my cot rail and climb down the cot. She becomes amazed, then frantic, then terrorised and then drops my meal on my room mat and runs out the door screaming hell on earth.

I’ve never been amused this much in my entire short life. Mum rushes into my room after a while hesitates at the door and walks closer. When she sees I’m sleeping peacefully in my cot, she covers me up with my blanket and kisses my forehead. My Nanny’s head is at the door; about seven arm’s length away from my cot, peeping.

“You’ve got to stop hallucinating and mind my baby,” mum says.

When mum leaves she quickly cleans the mess on the mat, looking at me at interval. Sooner than I thought she starts picking her few items in my room and leaves in a haste and fails to report to work the next day.

“Yah hoooo! Good news!” I say with my hands raised in the air and my soft feet pressed on my mat when my mum announces to my dad that my nanny says she wont be coming again. I’m alone. Time to settle down and draw my plan and to work hard before another nanny comes. Mum is sure to get another soon.


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