Man’s True Worth

Man’s true worth Is sometimes hidden Beneath life’s fixed antique stone Of the life lived and yet to be lived He lives and dies, With dreams yet to be dreamed. His mind periodically fathom, in an imaginative flash. But his eerie wisdom applies sceptism, to crush his vision to reason. Distrust from uncertainty disables him…

I Will Smile 😊

I’ll smile when I see you smile I’ll scowl when I see you scowl I know I won’t walk your mile I will be there to honor your stride I’ll walk if you want me to I’ll run when you want me to I may not fly to grant every wish But I’ll be there…

Bread Crumbs

They call him the Prince, but the feet of the table see him eat bread crumbs.

To All Our Family Heroes

To the ones taking the risks, to defend and to protect, to the ones who labor, to provide and to ease, To the ones who live with hearts ravaged by undying love, who give up solace to make lives pleasant, who govern and tame their internal beasts to remain dependable, who smile to reassure, even…

Fingers of Nature

Fingers of nature, Paint a beautiful rainbow, Up in the night sky.