Mute voices

Mute voices struggle in a bottle where the victims of utterance, cast ruins into the mind. Mute voices fight for audience but faithfulness go astray The voices glide into the desert. Sincerity gets trapped in an arid land. Busted voices hit the bedrock, and are spilled into the dept; buried, forever mute.

Blind Dark Shadow

Blind dark shadow strikes furthermore pulling a vital soul off the vigour tree lush victim shrieks mother nature moans the birds drift away goosebumps everywhere clouds drip afresh the widow mourns her child Is there no heart within the crooked smile of a stained teeth loitering around the widow to eat?

Unwilling Soul

Hauling an unwilling soul up the ladder is perilous — a perfect waste of time if you ever made it weep when you see the soul return to filth be cautious lest you tumble in the struggle Image source:

Penning Poem

Initiate the incidental message Renounce your petty solace Leave your eyes behind And race in tune with your mind Trust your marbles as guide Your imaginations as guard If you ever missed your path Got lost in the forest of thoughts Or got buried in the sand of words Do not ever pause to fuss…

Emblem Of Love

The emblem of love hung on the cross the salvaging blood flows from holy hollows there lies the ransom upon prisoners of guilt the wandering spirits the languishing souls now hope upon the lamb whose hands are spread to renew every soul