Empty Streets

The empty streets reek Of a strange emotion The mysterious impression Drains the freshness of the air Like the blend of cuisines Leaking from a million weary pots Dwellings are inclined To keeping the knobs as are Just like they should the dwellers Hiding in the privileged dwellings From the starving dark shadows Passing by … More Empty Streets

The Scenery Is Set

The scenery is set In it’s perfect means The birds chant merrily To console bruised souls Their melodious songs Meant to curb every pain The benign doves Ascend and descend Beneath the bluest sky This sky retains no anguish From the tears of the night The butterflies flap their wings Over the optimistic flowers The … More The Scenery Is Set

I’m Shrunk

I’m shrunk in space Fear takes it’s toll I’m scared of myself ‘Cos I harbour my fear I’m scared of my breath There lives my end I hear what they say Doom isn’t what I fear But doom is my fear My fear is my doom Rise up my will To the ruin of my … More I’m Shrunk

Life Without A Life

His quotidian life goes to AgaceNo one else can take her placeWhenever she walks fast past himDemeanour makes him seem so dim. Each night dashes every hopeBut the morn does stir it upThe hopes to get her smile is dearThey work to make his life a cheer If he sees hate in her lovely eyesTo  … More Life Without A Life