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African Proverb – Common Sense

A man who lives on the bank of the river does not wash his hands with spittle.


It is only the lazy man who says, “it is only because I have no time that my farm is overgrown with weeds”.


We do not use our bare feet to search for hidden thorns which we have seen in the day time.


It is not enough to run, one must arrive and know when one has arrived.

Meaning: Don’t assume anything, be very sure of it.


The fish that can see that it’s water is getting shallow cannot be stranded.


Without knowing a way thoroughly in the day time, never attempt to pass it at night.

Meaning: Be sure of anything you want to do


He who pursues an innocent chicken always stumbles.


The elephant and tiger do not hunt on the same pasture.

Meaning: Two opposing people can’t be friends.


It is the brutally outspoken person that earns enmity.


It is only the tortoise that carries its shell around, which it calls its house.

Meaning: It is only what you say about yourself that others will take you to be.


African Proverbs On Common-Sense

Proverbs are the daughters of experience.

These proverbs reminds us that there are situations we don’t need to be told how to handle because our good sense can be applied to the situations.

African proverbs have a lot of wisdom in them and one gets to the meaning with much deeper thought.

If you have related proverbs, do share with us.

Expect more proverbs on Fiez – Saturdays(hopefully)💕

Still Loving These Quotes/Wise-sayings


“If we do not pay attention to the smoke oozing out from the rooftop, very soon it become an inferno that will burn down the house to ashes.” African Proverb

“Do not sell the sun to buy a candle,”- Jewish Proverb.
In the Holy Bible, Esau sold his birthright to Jacob for a porridge – a typical example of selling the sun to buy a candle. Deliberately giving up something precious in order to bask a minute delight – giving up something valuable to acquire something without a lasting value..

“A man grows most tired while standing” Chinese Proverb

“When a child enjoys the privilege of a separated fight, he gets the wrong impression that every fight is enjoyable.”
African Proverb

“Throw the bone to the dog, do not stress yourself over the fight between the dog and the spirits.”
African Proverbs

“Don’t open a shop unless you know how…

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Wise Saying – To Succeed, Consult Three Old People – Chinese Proverb

Take it with a grain of salt – American proverb. Meaning: You shouldn’t take what someone does or says too seriously. (assuming someone boasts or tells a lie)
There are two kinds of perfect people: those who are dead and those who are yet to be born. – Chinese Proverb.
Meaning: No one is perfect.
Those who drink to drown their sorrows should be told that sorrow can swim. – African Proverb.
Meaning: Applying the wrong solution to a problem can make it worse.
It’s only when you have crossed a river can you say that a crocodile has a lump in his snout. – African Proverb
Meaning: You can’t talk about what you don’t know anything about.
Don’t miss all the beautiful colours of rainbow looking for a pot of gold. – Irish Proverb.

What do you think is the meaning of the Irish proverb? Do share with us.

Wise Saying | If You Start Gathering From The Morning, Before Night, Your Basket Will Be Full – Igbo Proverb

The patridge bird said to her children, “Feed on yam but also feed on roots, so that when the owner of the yam harvests the yam, you could be able to survive on roots.” – Igbo Proverb

The chick in the grip of a hawk says that the reason why it cries is not for that which is holding it to let go of it, but for the heavens and the earth to hear its cry.- Igbo proverb.

The owl released a fart and asked his kinsmen to sing him a song of praise, His kinsmen said no to him, for such an act is not praiseworthy. – Igbo Proverb

The tortoise has been in a pit of faeces for a very long time, yet, the day his rescuers arrived, he told them, “Hurry up, the stench is killing me, ”  – Igbo Proverb

The grasshopper killed by Okpoko- the noisy bird, must be dead deaf. – Igbo proverb.

“A lizard that can climb an iroko tree cannot be called a baby lizard 🦎 .” – Igbo Proverb

The rain that fell on an eagle has given it a bath. – Igbo Proverb

If the snake doesn’t act like a snake, children will use it to tie firewood. – Igbo Proverb

Its only the chewing stick that knows the secrets of the mouth. – Igbo Proverb

Igbo tribe is one of the three major tribes in Nigeria 🇳🇬 . Igbo like many other tribes has rich proverbs. These proverbs are deep, interesting and have literary meaning.

These proverbs are easy to understand but if you don’t understand anyone of them, let me know in the comment section so I can state the meaning for you.