Temporal Delusion

I tried but couldn’t stop laughing. Laughing in public when alone without a genuine reason could be a sure sign of insanity.

People looked at me and shook their heads in the street as I danced occasionally too.

I’d walked a good distance when it popped up in my brain; I’d got a car I left behind in the parking lot. I made a clear U-turn and started running back to it, as fast as I could.

As I was running, I saw a man running too and tried to catch up with him and had to reduce my speed to keep pace with him.

The man looked at me and got amused. He stopped at the bus stop and I ran past him to the parking lot.

I saw my car, an Acura MDX, couldn’t remember the model year and color, anyway, I went to it.

I tried the door and it wasn’t opening. I moved back a little to check if I had got the wrong car. I tried again and again. As I stood there thinking of how to break in, a lady came. She was red with fury.

“What are you doing?” She asked.

A second pop in my brain and she was my wife.

“Honey are you with the car key?” I asked moving towards her.

She stood aside, searched for something in her bag, brought her spray and a phone; phone on her left ear, spray and car key in the other hand.

I went to her, took the car keys after a little love fight during which I managed to dodge her spray. She rushed after me to stop me, calling for help. People gathered and looked on, but none bothered to help.

I pressed the remote control and the car responded. I jumped into it and opened the passenger’s door for her. She stood in front of the car yelling. I was amused by her actions. She can be fun at times. I moved a little forward, she stood aside. I stopped and opened the passenger’s door. She jumped in and we had another love fight. I won.

I saw the police vehicle as I was driving away from the parking lot.

They were three of them aiming their guns at me.

“Why are they doing that?” I asked.

I stopped the car when I heard a gunshot. It was in the air. I opened the door and stepped down.

“Do not move. Put your hands in the air,” I looked at their mouths. I couldn’t make which one was speaking or whom he was talking to. But when I looked at the speaker’s bloodshot eyes, I realized it had been me all along.

I moved towards them and brought out my hand for a shake.

“Stand still. Put your hands up in the air.”

I laughed hysterically.

“I will explain. I’m heading home to celebrate with my wife. She came to my office to give me the news. We’re getting a divorce, in New Jersey” I said and looked back but the lady, my wife was gone. I searched and saw her standing behind the car.

“Oh! There you are,” I said and opened my arm and ran towards her for embrace. The Police followed giving orders.

“Thanks for waiting,” I said to her but she moved back and hastened to safety.

“This is the best day of my life.” I said and looked around laughing.

I faced the crowd. Listen, everyone. We”re leaving for New Jersey right now. It’s going to be a long trip but don’t worry, we’ll be back soon. Don’t worry, we’ll be fine.”

Suddenly the paramedics launched at me. I wrestled until I slept off in their arms.

I woke up to see my self in chains. It was in a room. A lady with a familiar face was at my side crying.

“Why am I here? Who put this thing around my feet?” I asked, got up and advanced towards her in a brutal manner.

She pressed a button and they rushed in. I counted six of them all wearing scrubs.

“Don’t make me miss my flight to New Jersey. I won’t forgive you.” I shouted.

“Yes we know,” one of them said. “You’ll soon fly to New Jersey on a special flight.”

I laughed.

The needle went deep and I felt dizzy. I was in her arms, looking at her face. I smiled when she smiled looking down at me. We’re on a flight for two. To New Jersey. To get a divorce.

I hoped it’s not happening in my dream world.

“Welcome back.” I heard a man’s voice. Initially it was his silhouette. Then all white. Then his form with lab coat. Then stethoscope. I guessed he was the flight doctor.

I smiled.

“Oh life can be sweet at times,” I said to him smiling with all my dentine exposed.

“Oh yes!” Life can be so sweet at times,” he said as he lowered himself by my side and we settled down to play staring and head shaking game before I eventually slept again.


The Dog Dream

She searched with her left hand to find he’d disappeared from his side of the bed. She got up, staggered to the study to find him glued to the desktop.

She stole a glance at the monitor and her keen eyes caught what he was searching for.

Dream meaning of a dog barking at it’s owner

“You’ve got to be kidding me,” she muttered under her breath.

“You woke up by 2 am to search for that?”

“I had a terrible dream honey.”

“Well, dreams mean nothing and shouldn’t be a bother,”

“Not this kind honey.” He turned to face her.

“I was walking a dog, my own dog, when suddenly she turned towards me and barked in a very fiery manner at me. Her poise was dangerous. Her eyes sparked fire and it’s deadly canines ready to strike, then I woke up terrified” He narrated.

“Now that’s horrifying,” she said. What did you do to save yourself?”

“Nothing. Didn’t try running away neither. Could have been dangerous assuming it happened really”

“Did anyone call the cops for you?”

“I didn’t steal the dog,”

“Then you suddenly changed to someone strange and scared the hell out of the poor dog.” She said as she started towards the bedroom.

“I wish you got to know who I think the dog was.” He whispered to himself.

Kenneth’s Version

They had gone dead silent and moody for the rest of the evening after hearing Kenneth’s marriage definition. His mum had made it clear to him the next day that his version of the eight letter word had to be a family secret.

She made him promise he would never share that same explanation with anyone else because doing so would mean betrayal of family. She had given him rewards often to seal his lips.

Ever since Kenneth had noticed a change of attitude between his mum and dad. Strange enough, they had gone friendly, kissed often, snuggled, held hands and sometimes walked hand in hand.

He and his sister had watched from a distant, surprised and at the same time ashamed of the unusual behavior.

Now that his sister had come up with that same word, wanting to know what the actual meaning could be, he had to find a way to refine his former definition hoping his sister won’t tell.

“Promise me you’ll keep it a secret,” Kenneth said. His little sister nodded.

“Marriage happen when two people,” he whispered, “a man and a woman come to live together to make babies,” he paused to think. “But after a while,” he continued,”they begin to yell at each other, fight, punch and kick things,” he paused to look at his sister’s gloomy face. “The good part is, in the end they become friends and happy.”

He finished with his index finger over his closed lips and had to stalk his sister to be sure.