He loved and married a charming but promiscuous woman. She had promised to clean up before the knots but had broken her promise ten times in three years . He couldn’t break away, he couldn’t break free from her hold, she had a charm about her, disarming and bone crushing charm. A week ago, she … Continue reading Maimed

Flash Storeal – Fear

I drove into the parking lot, stopped the engine and lay back on my seat to rest a little before alighting. I looked at the water tanker truck parked close to me and mused. If it were a petrol tanker truck, I shouldn’t park here. It could be extremely dangerous. But since 'Water Supply' is … Continue reading Flash Storeal – Fear

My Gray Haired Groom: My Findings

Continued from The Engagement It was very early in the morning when I opened my eyes to find myself in a very cozy bed. I raised my head to see the white satin sheet I was lying on and the soft pillows and throw pillows all over my bed. It seemed he carried me to … Continue reading My Gray Haired Groom: My Findings

The Neccessary Lies

As a young kid, I dreaded railways. I believed that going even a mile close was a very dangerous thing to do. I was not afraid of being crushed under the heavy wheels of the vehicle but afraid of what could happen if I dared go near it. The fear was planted and fastened right … Continue reading The Neccessary Lies