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Inspired Sunday | By The Pool

There was a pool, where the sick were made whole. At a particular time, an angel came to the pool and stirred the water. Anyone who got the chance to get into the pool first as soon as it was stirred, got healed. 

There was one paralysed man who had stayed at this pool for 38 years but was not healed because he did not get the chance to get into the pool, and there was no one to help him get in before anyone else. 

His family brought him there and abandoned him. He has lost every hope of getting his healing. Every year he watched people come and go home healed and he longed to be like them. 

One day, a man came to the pool and asked him if he would want to get healed. He told him the story of his life; how his family abandoned him at the poolside and how there was no one to take him inside the pool to get healed.

The man had compassion on him. He told him to pick his bed and walk home. The man picked his bed and walked home, completely healed. 


The others saw him walking home with his bed and accused him of breaking the Law of the Sabbath. The man told them that the man who healed him asked him to pick his bed and walk home.


They were focusing on the man who picked his bed and walked on the Sabbath against the law of Moses, more than they were on finding out who healed this man and how they could get healed through him. 


It is had to see the bigger picture when we are focused on small matters.


Hope you had a great weekend.

Have a blessed week.

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Storreal | Kindness Gone Wrong

A young man got arrested and imprisoned for nine years for a crime he knew nothing about. His only crime was that he accepted to accommodate a friend who he didn’t know was at large for committing a murder.
The young man was a commercial bus driver, doing well in that capacity. Igbo people say that if one cannot get himself into trouble, his garment will do so for him. That was the case with this young man. He was a man who lived a decent life, but he went to jail despite his and decency.         

When his friend came to his house from another state and pleaded with him to allow him to stay in his house for a while, murder was the farthest in his mind. He only saw a friend in need, a desperate friend, and vowed not to cast him away into the cold, dangerous street without a place to lay his head. He didn’t bother to ask questions, for who interrogates a friend in need? So he welcomed him with all his heart.                  
A few days later, he returned home from work only to find out that his friend had vanished. He was still wondering where he could be when heavily armed police officers surrounded his house and ordered him to hand over the criminal he hid in his house to them. That was confusing. The friend he knew wasn’t a criminal. He was a good friend, a well-behaved friend. There must be a mistake somewhere.          
He told them they were at the wrong house. Before he could finish his words, they handcuffed him. They promised to release him when he provides the criminal he had housed. 
They detained him for weeks as they waited for the offender to come and take his place but there was nothing he could do. He couldn’t provide a person who was nowhere to be found. The case was taken to court and the case ended thus; since you kept a criminal in your house and helped him to escape going to prison, you are going to face his punishment.                            

In that country, a convicted killer is jailed for life and the fate of this young man became life imprisonment. There was nothing anyone could do about it because the family of the victim was strongly demanding for justice.      
The young man was transferred to a maximum security prison. At that particular prison, inmates smell, see and touch their deaths before they finally die. That’s was the prison this young man was taken to. His family was denied access to him.                                          
For nine years, he spent his life in the prison yard with hard labour. He prayed and cried to God every passing day acquit him. That very year, after nine years closer to his end, the prison door opened for him He was set free. How did it happen? Who engineered his release? He coudn’’t tell. It was a miracle and like a dream.      He is free but traumatised for life.       
Till this moment, the young man who put him in trouble is still, nowhere to be found. He is probably in hiding away somewhere in the world.

Before you agree to do anything, think about it. Before you bring someone you call a friend into your home, know what they are capable of. Some friends have hidden characters. Make sure they are not dangerous.


Storreal is a name for real stories only on Fiez-writer.

‘What Have You Done?’

It’s Susan’s wedding eve. Agnes crouched in a corner of the living room, looking all forlon. Her mind had gone off the preparation. She felt nauseous as she gazed at her busy and delighted family and friends getting ready for the big day, ignorant of what Susan had done that afternoon. In less than 24 hours, she would be tying the knots with Gabriel. He was a good man. How could she?
She had been her best friend since they were seven. They had kept each other’s secrets and that evening Susan had confessed to her, about what she did with James three days before her wedding and again six hours ago.
Susan needed to get it off her chest, she mentions something about dying to confess what she had done wrong to the best man in the world, to Gabriel. Now Agnes was the one dying to get it off her chest, she was at war within her. Gabriel deserved the know.  He deserved to know the truth even though Susan had made her swear she wouldn’t tell.

Thirty minutes late, disturbed Agnes headed to Gabriel’s house, to tell him, what her best friend had done. There, she saw the most lovely and joyous scene. Gabriel and his younger sister were all laughing. They were running around the dining table. As they did, they crashed into things and bumped into people. They were two grown-ups acted like kids. His sister was holding what looked like breadfruit porridge in a bowl and insisted he had eaten enough of it, the remaining portion was for her to finish. Friends and family watched the scene with laughter. She couldn’t help but chuckle.

Everyone looked so happy that Agnes had a second thought, giving him such bad news would ruin his moment and entire life and affect the whole family as well. He would certainly call off the wedding and she would be the cause of it all. Unfortunately, her second thought only lasted for only a few seconds.

She picked a spot in the room and waited for the right time to tell him. She kept glancing at the wall clock as it ticked away and at the same time weighed the consequences of what she was about to do. Susan’s sin would chatter Gabriel’s heart forever. Gabriel loved Susan, so much that he could die for her. Maybe he would forgive her if she begged him to.
Agnes had been a big help in the relationship, she was that someone he turned to when Susan developed cold feet. The last time they had an issue in their relationship, he had invited her into the matter to help talk to her. She had done a great job and they had bought her an expensive wristwatch three days later.

Gabriel noticed her and walked to her. He picked a seat beside her and looked into her face.
Agnes! What’s up? Tell me all is going well over there.’
‘I need to talk to you,’ she said and dragged him into the compound, away from the others.
‘Something happened to me this evening.’

‘What happened?’
‘Susan sent me on an errand, to buy her something from the mall. There, I saw my fiance with his ex.’ She waited to see his reaction. He frowned.
‘He is still with his ex, yet, he wants to marry me. I secretly followed them and….do you know where he took her?’ She paused and when next she spoke, her voice was broken.
‘To a hotel!!’
‘Oh no! That’s bad! How could he do that to you?’ he turned to look at the house and back to her as if he didn’t want anyone to hear.
‘I’m confused, Gabriel. What I wanted to do was tear them both to pieces. I made up my mind to cancel our wedding.’

‘Your wedding is in three weeks!’ Gabriel glared at her.
‘Yes, even if it’s tomorrow, I’d still cancel it.’
‘Have you confronted him?’
‘I couldn’t, Gabriel. They looked so happy together. He’s not worth fighting for.’
‘I suggest you don’t, ‘ she gave him a wild gaze.

‘I should quietly leave him?’
‘Nope. Far from it!!!’

‘Do you suggest I go ahead and marry the man who cheats on me with his ex?’
‘It’s complicated… You won’t believe what I’m about to tell you,’ he looked around before whispering to her. ‘I caught Susan in her bed, with her ex, two weeks before our wedding.
‘What?!!!!’ Agnes whispered back. She was perplexed. The situation was worse than she thought.
‘I was shattered, just like you are right now, but I have forgiven her as long as she didn’t go back to him. I warned him. He said he was sorry. He had been her brother’s friend before the onset of their relationship. He only came to see her brother and one thing led to the other. Susan was sick afterwards, she thought I would leave her.
‘That’s bull-shit!!’

‘Could he be lying to me? Could it be he went purposely to see her?’
‘I don’t know what to think.’
‘I’ll marry her tomorrow and then wait for that ogre to come near my wife and I’ll kill him.’ his voice was firm.

‘I don’t know what to say. You are a strong man.’

‘I guess I am. I have given Susan one more chance and she is doing well.’ All Agnes  wanted to scream at him that  

Susan wasn’t doing well. The history had repeated itself. Twice so. She had fallen again, and again.

‘That’s great. Thanks for giving her a second chance. I’m sure she won’t be that stupid again. You’re the best man for her,’ she said instead and scratched her neck.

But that night, Agnes couldn’t sleep.  Early in the morning, she woke Susan up and asked her one question.
‘Why have you done this evil to a man who loves you so much?’ Susan bent her head.

‘Agnes, I still love him. I still love James,’ she said.
‘What? He’s married. He dumped you and married someone else. Are you insane? I didn’t know you were this stupid.’ Susan reached for her hands.

‘Please don’t tell Gabriel… I promise it won’t happen again. I give you my word. Please.’

‘Oh, Susan! I can’t live with this secret. Go tell Gabriel what you did, before your wedding, or I will tell him myself.’

‘You can’t do that!! You’re my best friend,’ Agnes only stared her hard in the eyes and left.
Susan did tell Gabriel, Gabriel couldn’t take it. He called the wedding off.
Agnes felt deep remorse afterwards. She trusted Gabriel to forgive her friend again.
‘What have you done Agnes? You should have sealed your lips with glue. It’s too late now, you have ruined a wedding, your best friend’s wedding,’ she spoke to herself before the mirror as tears ran down her cheeks.


The Girl From Grass – A Novel

Coming Soon!

Welcome, my wonderful WP friend! Hope you’re doing great. I’m here to thrill you with how hard I’ve been working on my novel 💪💪💪✍✍✍. I’m almost done with the second draft. As soon as the third is done with, I’ll be sending the manuscript to a few beta readers before approaching my editor’s desk. I’m hoping to publish this book Dec-January, (Help me God 🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏).

This story has come a long way.

It all started here on Fiez-writer, when I posted the first draft of the story events on Friday’s. I found out that lots of you liked the story idea and decided to make a novel out of it.

About the title.

I started the story with the title, My Gray-haired Groom. For this title, I wrote the story using the first-person point of view. To be honest with you, I enjoyed writing in the pov. It’s easy; no much detailing. I recommend it for first-timers.

I thought against the First-person pov because my story flow demanded that I used third-person pov, so I could break certain barriers faced by my protagonist. I couldn’t limit the beautiful story😃.

I overhauled the story structure, welcomed/banished some events. Presently, it reads a lot different from what it reads for My Grey-haired Groom. The theme and plot remain the same though.

The second title – The Mind Of A Daughter, was suggested by one of my beta readers. According to him, “In their dealings with her ( the protagonist ), they ( her parents ) don’t care at all about whatever she has in mind when matters concerning her come up. They decide on what they feel is good for her, ignoring the fact that she has a mind of her own.

Again, I decided against the second title. The third title – The Girl From Grass suits my story better, even though it sounds strange. I chose this title due to the situation surrounding the protagonist and her family which makes them ( her family ) fight to get her involved with this man who could transform all of their lives forever – for good – from grass to grace.

Which title sounds better to you?

Meanwhile my I’m working on the cover using Carva. For the story cover, I’m not going to spend a dine🙃. Come on, I’m not a penny-pincher! I have this friend of mine who will design a cover for me. He is not a pro but can design a decent cover.

We made three covers samples ( all are under scrutiny)

Cover 1 by IK

Cover 2 by me 🙈🙈
Cover 3 By OH

Kindly vote for the covers in the comment section. Let me know which one you like best.

If none of them looks great to you, please say what needs to change to make it better. Everything including the title is still subject to change.

I’ll announce the winning cover soon. If none of them makes it, a new cover will be revealed.

You are all my writing motivation. Please do me a favour and leave your comment. 😃💖🧡.

Fifteen Years Later

Steve’s parents died when he was very tender and didn’t realize they were dead. His busy aunt, who couldn’t look after him took him to an orphanage.
As a child, he noticed the difference between his home and the home he had been taken to and all he wanted was return to his aunt.

On his ninth birthday, his auntie visited him at the orphanage. Steve was happy she came to take him back and happy he was leaving the orphanage, a place he didn’t like. Unfortunately, he was led away to yet another home. Even thought it was a very rich home, he wanted to be with his aunt, the only family he knew.

That day, he watched his aunt take some money from them but never knew he was been sold out to another family and he would never see his aunt again. He had cried when she gave him a pat on the back and waved him bye.

He was taken to his new home; where he became the working machine at the hands of grown-ups.

It baffled him that none out of the six children of the billionaire master found the brutal way he was handled loathsome. They all enjoyed the terrible hurtful joke.

The day he made a request to be allowed to visit his aunt, he was thrown into a cell in the basement for 2 days without food nor water just like the day he begged madam he wanted to go to school like the other children.

Fifteen years later, at twenty four, stunted and hardened, he decided to escape from his slavery. He did with his master’s son’s millions after planning for a month.

It was so easy to leave the house that he wondered why he didn’t do that for the past fifteen years.

He didn’t waste time to travel to a place where no one would find him. He knew that his master would be looking for him.

Four years later, as he was passing by a subway, he met a friend, a 5-year-old homeless boy whose mum had sent to seek for help.

From the first day he set eyes on that little boy, he saw his little self at the orphanage, longing for his mama.

He took them home. At first, Samson’s mother, Janet, was scared. No one could take them home for the past five years and she thought Steve wanted something bad with them. But the next day, Steve found them them a studio flat and gave her some money to start her own business.

Janet was twenty four and had her own story. She was driven from home when she became pregnant because she couldn’t provide the man who got her pregnant. She admitted she lived a very reckless life as a young girl and attracted the anger of her parents.

Janet turned on the TV one day and saw the person at large; he was Steve. Steve robbed the son of a Billionaire. Janet was terrified. All the while she and her child had been living on stolen money. Steve was a criminal. She was disappointed and made up her mind to expose Steves location to the police.

Steve was arrested and Jailed.

Janet packed out from the house Steve found them to another house. She didn’t want to have anything to do with a criminal.

For months Samson’s tears didn’t stop. He would never forgive his mother for helping the police to get to Steve. He would never talk to her.

Janet, on the other hand, felt remorseful for hurting his son and the man who had been kind to her, at the same time, she felt she did the right thing.

Five months later, Samson sat by the waterside feeling depressed. Someone tapped his shoulder and he jumped to his feet.

“Uncle Steve! I thought you went to jail?”

“I escaped”


“Where is your mom?”

“I haven’t seen her in days, “

“Take me to her, will you?”

“What will you do to her?”

“Thank her for making me a better person,”

Samson beamed and Steve’s heart melted. He loved him. He will love them forever.