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Simple Ways You Can Improve The Clarity Of Your Content


Generally, written contents require clarity and unless you are out to confuse your audience, you need to keep it clear.

Before you begin to write, you need to do the following to help you clarify your content better.

Understand Your Content

To write a content that is clear to your audience, you need to have a thorough understanding of the topic. You don’t want to write without first of all exploring what its all about. Make your thorough research and get the important points.

Understand Your Audience

You need to understand your audience so as to know how to present your content to them in a way that they will understand. What language do they understand? Are they minors or matured minds? What do they know about the topic? What are they likely to find difficult?

Write With Clarity In Mind

Follow the following tips to nail clarity of content;

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I like it When Sweat Drip From My Head

The first time my good friend met me jogging in the park, all she could do was give a hearty laugh – at me!

“What’s funny?’ I laughed and she said,

‘So, when people come out for jogging you come out too? ? Don’t get skinny, my friend Please go home.’

It was a joke but, to be honest, she was not the only one who had said I shouldn’t come out to jog. I should do Yoga at home and give some space to the people who truly needed it.

“Who are the people who truly need it?”

‘The Overweight.”

‘You mean the obviously overweight?’

‘Whatever, but please go home. It’s not for your kind. You can do a light exercise like walking or stretching, sit-ups. She mentioned Yoga too. Not just strenuous exercise like jogging and running in the field.

‘But jogging is not a strenuous exercise!’

“It is for me!”

“Well, ” I said, “I do this because I like the feel when sweat from the centre of my head drip down my two cheeks to my jawline, collect right under there and drip down my neck to my chest. Once I achieve that, I’ll  go home.” She joined me but she thought I was being hard on myself.

I looked ok to my friend but one thing she didn’t know was that I was overweight. I am 166cm ( 65 inches) tall and weighed 78kg (165 lbs) at the time.

How was it that she didn’t see I was overweight? 

Looking at what health professionals say about the normal weight for someone having my height, I was overweight for crying out loud. My healthy weight was supposed to be around 65-68kg ( 143-150 lbs)

Besides, I love to stay strong and healthy. I like to be flexible and have some balance to mention but a few.

So, I run up and down the quiet hilly roads close to me every morning or at least every other morning. I feel really gooooooood doing so. I don’t go home until I feel the sweat dripping on my chest. I like how relaxed I feel after and I like the inspiration I gather along the way.

What about you? Do you find time to sweat? Do you think exercising is only to keep down excess weight alone?



Most people understand the important of reaching where they want to go, that is why they use GPS, to avoid missing their way, because if you want to get where you want, you need to know where you want to go and follow the path. Why is it that good intentioned people, with admirable life goals, often are not where they intended, they’re not reaching their purpose? Why is it that many people with a clear idea direction in life end up far from their intended destination? Has this happened to you in one area of your life?

Do you ever feel lost? aimless? or a little confused, like you’re sailing through life without a rudder to guide you? If so, it’s likely that you’re not aligned with your values. Your values are what give you meaning, purpose, and direction in life, but if you don’t know what they are…

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One Wrong Can Ruin Many Rights

It doesn’t matter how many rights you have done in life. What people see clearly is that one thing you did wrong. That one wrong is like a single dent on a flashy brand new car.

The dent on a car can be fixed up to hide the blemish. Soon people forget that there was once a dent.

This is not so with a ‘dented’ person. The dent is engraved on the minds of those who have witnessed it happen and as long as they live, they will always remember that one dent that has spoilt everything about a whole person.

Trying to make everything right again, is like achieving the impossible. It won’t work to restore the complete trust of the people.

There once lived a man whom the people nicknamed Cobra. Cobra was a tie hard highway robber. He was in a gang and was the ring leader. Whenever he came back home from the city where he carried out his operations, people would be expecting his visit because, in the dead of the night, he would climb their fences and break into their houses to steal. The strange thing about Cobra was that no matter the height of one’s fence, he would climb it with his bare hand and feet. This was the time when people roofed their walls with a corrugated sheet. And it’s a wonder they didn’t hear the creaking noise of the sheet. He would do his thing without getting caught. People only woke up to their missing belongings. Since he was the only thief in their midst, they went straight to his parents to demand for their missing things. The parents never argued with them, they knew exactly where their son kept them, they would return their things because Cobra stole from them for fun. Probably to train and test his skills. He wasn’t going to do anything with their things anyway.

One day, Cobra decided to repent of his evil ways. He went to the church, confessed publicly and asked people to forgive him.

They did.

They hugged him and kissed his cheeks, and even ate with him but it all ended in the Church.

They all said they have forgiven him but for the rest of his thirty years, he remained a thief in their sights. When he wanted to settle down, no family wanted him as a son in law. Not even a distant town allowed him to marry any of their daughters. Even when he became a pastor and did morning cry to tell people to repent and come to God, people still called him a thief. He had no respect in his community. He was not regarded in meetings and gatherings. He had no friends because no one wanted to be identify with him. They knew the risk – if you become his friend, then you become a thief. A friend of a thief is a thief.

Even when Cobra died with his sins forgiven before God, Cobra remained Cobra and a thief before his community and extended family.

His blood – sons and daughters were seen as the sons and daughters of a hardened thief. They all lived in isolation because people warned their kids not to associate with them.

To make matters worse, one of his sons took after his old ways to confirm the fear of the people.

So that one sin, theft, ruined his life and his entire generation up to God knows which generation will be free. He spent the rest of his life cleaning up but never achieved complete trust.

That’s how life is.

Assuming that from infancy, you have lived a clean, spottless life and up to 80 years of age, people knew you as a good, reliable person. It takes only one crime for years of spottlessness to be ruined.

People don’t trust you anymore. They would always see you from afar with formidable horns, 😈 even though before God, you’re a Saint, 😇.

You don’t blame the people, crime is evil that remains long after a criminal is gone.

People that know this avoid crime like a plaque.

It’s true that what people think of you don’t matter. You know yourself and you know you have cleaned up, that’s what truly matters. Sin no more!

But the best thing is to try hard to stay away from crimes.

No man lives in isolation, it’s always better to avoid getting involved in a ‘dirty ‘ afair in the first place so as to keep the trust of the people around.

Domain Chaos #12 -The Unrest

At the office, Ndubisi nursed a gnawing fear all day. Before he left for work that morning, his mother had again, reminded him of the vicious man, Eke and how he might be scheming an unpleasant comeback.

Before he left for work, she had followed him down the stairs, to the landing where she reiterated her words holding his wrist.

‘Please Ndu, don’t forget to see Igwe Okelue today.’

‘I’m not going to see him, mama. There is no need for that. I don’t want him to think I don’t respect his sovereignty,’ but she had limped closer and looked into his eyes.

‘I insist you go and see him!’ Ndubisi saw her fears. It scared him.

‘Mother, Eke has been beaten and I’m sure he has decided to let the sleeping dog lie. Don’t worry. He won’t be back.’ he nursed her shoulder but she shrug his hand off. How could her son be this stubborn?

‘I don’t believe he has let go of the struggle. He is certainly sharpening his pointers somewhere. You should have plans in place too. I’m sure he will strike soon.’ her voice was firm and sharp and she beat the landing rail to drive her words home.

‘Let’s not delay me, mana.I don’t believe he has that kind of guts. He can’t possibly fight his Royal Highness.’

‘You can never be too sure. This thing I’m seeing sitting down, you can’t see standing.’

Those were the words that frightened him at the office and that had forced him to make up his mind to meet with the King.

After work, Ndubisi drove to the palace after making sure his son Chinedu got home from school safely. He was a bit disturbed about him going home all by himself.

When he was approaching the palace, he heard loud voices. His heart leaped and sprinted. He felt uneasy and pulled his car over by the tall ornamental trees along the Palace Avenue and listened carefully. Voices of men, women and screeching voices of children revealed a possible jubilation.

A good news might have reached the palace. What could it be? It was a Wednesday and couldn’t be weekend party which normally held at the palace.

Ndubisi started the engine and continued to the palace. On reaching the gate, he heard the voices of the elders cracking jokes around the king. The giant golden gate was ajar and the compound wasn’t as restricted as it used to be on an ordinary day. No protocols. It’s like a move-as-you-like moment.

When the King sighted Ndubisi, he sent one of the guards to welcome him.

‘Igweeee!’ Ndubisi greeted with a low bow. The guests were dressed in the traditional attire of varied styles and colours making him look different.

‘Ndu! Welcome to the joyful moment.’

“Igwe, this is a pleasant surprise. What is the good news all about?” He raised his voice so that Igwe could hear him amidst the deafening noises.

“My son is back from the US. He has concluded his study and has made me proud, with first-class honours! I’m happy Ndu! In fact, I am the happiest man on earth.” Ndubisi strained his ear to hear him.

“Outstanding! This is tremendous news. Where is he my Igwe? I really need to offer him a special handshake.”

“Sit with me. He will come out soon to greet his guests.”

“This is really a happy moment.” Ndubisi made himself comfortable and joined in the merry making, eating and drinking.

“Eat! Drink! I’m glad you came.”

“I’m here to stay till it’s all over! Igwe! Am I not lucky to be a part of this pleasure?”

“You certainly are.” he, Igwe and the elders laughed.

Ndubisi made sure he didn’t get drunk, else he would sleep at the Igwe’s. He needed to drive home in safety to face his mother. He was sure that once he told her the reason why he didn’t do what she asked, she would understand.


It was 10 pm when Ndubisi got home and his mother was the one to open the main gate for him. She didn’t wait for him to step out of the car and greet. She knocked on the glass and he rolled it down.

‘What now, mama? Can’t you wait for me to-‘

“Something scary happened in your absence.’ her voice was lost in a whisper. ‘Some men came to the house asking for Chinedu. One of them said he stole a gold wristwatch from his car.’ She held her mouth as if she had revealed an ancient secret.

“Where is Chinedu now?” his breath was in his hands as he said those four words and couldn’t wait for an answer.

Chinwe’s sob was coming from the bedroom. He flew to the second floor of the three-story building without his briefcase. His mother thought he would tumble and shouted after him, ‘Dont kill yourself, Ndu.’

To be continued.