Laying Blames

50 words

She welcomed him warmly, but he paced-around angrily, “Two more months, if nothing happens, I’ll get myself, a fruitful wife.” She sorrowed but boldly said, “The doctors say there’s nothing wrong with me. If you’ll only check yourself… Nine months later, Junior arrived but the reason why became Senior’s top-secret.

Allien Attack

50 words

Pride of the Forest City stood tall, good life in fair weather. Esteemed branches spread out courageously, while the leaves swayed in tune with the wind. But, the aliens arrived unheralded – blades shiny sharp. It happened so fast and the city lost its pride. Survivors bemoaned and craved for motility.

I Believed

50 words

Grandma said, “if you go thirty-arms-length close to the railways, moving train magnates you to its body and makes you disappear.” I believe her.

Mum said, “if that boy’s hand touches you, you’ll get pregnant.” I believed her.

I learned the truth from tenth-grade-teacher, who happened to use the trick.

Go Get Jobs

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50 words

“My mother-in-law thinks I’m lazy.”
“Really? Why?”
“ I have three maids.”
“What’s wrong with that?”
“She thinks maids are for working mothers”
“Well, ignore her to prevent an altercation.”
“I just don’t want her around anymore. .”
“Longevity runs in my veins people.”
“Welcome, ma’am.”
“Go get jobs.”

Book Addiction

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Mr Greg’s book addiction? It’s beyond his family. Thousands in his house, everywhere. The bedroom has so many books that his wife has been pushed out. Greg says he needs them all. His kids think it’s weird. The weirder part is, Greg hardly reads them. The weirdest part? the books are insured.