No Trial

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50 words

“On account of mental disorder, the defendant is not criminally responsible. He won’t undergo trial but will be taken into custody of designated mental Institution.” Few minutes later, Ikenna watched the boy who set his car on fire walk away and felt like yelling at someone who needed to be heedful.


All For Giving


Overwhelmed with compassion, he extended a giving hand, but they all gathered before the money could make it to her. Startled, he turned to them but felt the tens of blows that brought him down. “Stop! You barbarians. He didn’t steal from her.” The blows ceased as did his breath.


Gone Beneath


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The fancy lights above jiggled as every other thing shook. Screams followed, then pitch darkness. He could neither move nor speak. His wife lay by his side, very still. In vain he struggled beneath against the rubble. “Anyone there?” He heard those voices but wept when they faded away.


Continue with a moment of silence for those who lost their lives in any kind of natural disaster. We remember them all.

Writing Challenge


When we overcome any challenge, we feel good about ourselves, build inner strength, have self-trust, self-respect and become better doers. So, with this in mind, I’m going to take little macho steps through what I have not been able to do as a writer;


I’m going to undergo a 30 days writing challenge without fail. I’m going to create and post a 50-words short story each day until the end of my challenge. My journey starts on 16th July to end on 14th August. Because its a challenge, a fail should not be acceptable to my followers. So, there won’t be. You’re invited to watch me through it as my cheer, to encourage and support.