The Best Part Of Writing

My thoughts, emotions, ideas once not expressed riot inside my brain like the molten magma inside the volcano looking for a way out. When the upsurge stretches the brain cells, and there is an eruption, I feel them popping up and the feeling this brings is terrible. Writing is like talking through your hand and…

Benefits Of Daily Writing Routine & Why It May Not Be For You

The benefits of daily writing routine outweigh the drawbacks, yet those drawbacks can overwhelm you and force you to rethink daily writing as a routine. The big question is, does daily writing routine work for you? If it does, you can work through the rest of the drawbacks and embrace the practice. Keep reading…

The Patient Writer | Writing Tips

The Greek Philosopher, Aristotle said that patience is bitter , but its fruit is sweet. ~~~~~~~ You will find my post, The Patient Writer on Golspen. It is my other website strictly for writing tips. Kindly follow me over there. Thank you.

“Do Not Use A Conjunction At The Beginning Of A Sentence” – Myth or Fact?|Writing-Tips

Conjunctions are used to join two words, phrases, or clauses together. Due to this common fact, a lot of people are thrown off-balance when question is thrown at them, as to whether it is right or wrong to use them at the beginning of a sentence. School Teachers have already taught us that it is wrong and now, some scholers and books are saying that it is right. The question is, who is right and who is wrong!

Literary Term| Conflict

In narratives, conflict is what drives the protagonist to seek resolution. The main character has to confront and overcome several difficult challenges to resolve the conflict and once it’s resolved, the story ends for the reader.