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Why You Shouldn’t Give Your Book An Existing Title

As you browse through the book market, you will find out that there are many books sharing the same title. You ask yourself, is this a mere coincidence or intentional? I will go ahead and say that most of the times it’s coincidental. But how much respect will you give a book having the same title as a book which already has made a household name?

The following books by different authors, share same title:

Great Expectations by Charles Dickens (1960)
Great Expectations by Kathy Acher ( 1994)
The Cave by Tim Krabbé
The Cave by José Saramago
The Doubles by José Saramago
The Doubles by Fyodor Dostoevsky

Presently, there is no law forbiding the use of an existing book title. In other words, there is no copyright attached to any book title. However, using a book title of a best seller may look like you’re trying to lure people into buying your book by using the title of a popular one. How cool is that?

If you are a factual writer, you may find avoiding an existing book title difficult. Nonetheless, you can make some changes to the existing title to create a unique one.

As a creative writer, it becomes imperative to give your book a unique or uncommon title. This unique title gives your book a special presence in the market. You need to be cautious with titles. You need to research your title well before publishing.

Think about branding your book. Things might go well and your book becomes popular and therefore ‘branded’. A ‘branded book’ is well sought after and has a unique name on it. Books like; Things Fall Apart, Harry Potter, Pride And Prejudice, Arrow Of God, Macbeth, to mention but a few are well sought after and therefore ‘branded.’

Common sense will tell you that a book can’t be that successful if it’s left to compete or be confused with other successful books bearing the same title, except if it’s published first and already successful before its rivals, as is the case witb Charles Dicken’s Great Expectations.

Since it’s allowed to use an existing book title, you might be conned into using one. Do not be tricked. it’s wise to avoid using such, if not for any reason, to prevent confusion and increased competition in the book market.

Fiez-Writer | To My WP Friends As Well As My Readers All Over The World🙂❤

Hello, my WP friend and readerI hope you’re doing great wherever you are.

Sorry, I’ve not been able to make my daily posts as I usually do ( to my fellow bloggers and writers, sorry I’ve not read some of your inspiring and fun posts for quite some time). It’s all due to a lot of things going on in my life right now.

Apart from the ENDSARS Campain which has gone really bad and has kept me wondering what kind of leaders we have, I’m working hard on my NOVEL, which I’m hoping to publish latest by January.

My heart still bleeds for those youths killed in my country, at Lekki and all over the nation, when they were peacefully protesting against a brutal and corrupt system. I feel for the families of the victims.

So, I beg of you my friend, bear with me right now.

I hope to pick up with my daily posting and reading of your posts, when possible.

I hope your own country is doing well, apart from the covid-19 wahala, of course, which I hear is at an increase. Please protect yourself and your loved ones. Don’t fall a victim.

Have a blessed week.❤❤

Do You Drain Your Inspiration Before Walking Away From Your Writing?

Listen to what an American Novelist, Henry Miller had to say;

“I don’t believe in draining the reservoir, do you see? I believe in getting up from the typewriter, away from it, while I still have things to say, ” – Hebry Miller.

Here’s when to stop writing;

Walk away in the middle of and interesting and inspirational sentencee, when you’re enjoying your writing and where you can be able to pick up the next time without scratching your head. Stop writing where you’ll be inspired to keep writing next time.

I hope this is helpful to you as it is to me.☺😊

Happy wwriting!

Does Drinking Help With Writing?


While some writers say writing drunk is good, some scowl at it as being unrealistic. Some have experimented with writing drunk and have come to the conclusion that it’s completely useless. They only think that the writers who write drunk are “functional alcoholics” who are able to succeed in their writing despite the excessive drinking and not because drinking makes their writing possible and better.

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