50 words

A lovely couple laughed heartily from a corner of the eatery. Suddenly, a woman walked to their table and demanded an explanation. The lady arched her brows and waited. “Honey, this is Callista, she’s my colleague at work.” They left while the content of two glasses ran down his face.

Male Child

50 words

Siandi’s mother died while giving birth to her and in his desperation to have a male child who would retain his family name, Siandi’s father, Mr Hendul Noku arranged for a man, who defiled her. She got pregnant at seventeen. But while giving birth to a female child, she died.


50 words

“Sacked? Why?”

“Janey got sick, and with my boss’s permision, I took the day off to take the poor cat to the clinic. Next day, at the office, a stranger sat put in my position.”


“He said I had a cat”

“That’s a terrible pet-hate”

“I wish he was predictable.”

Laying Blames

50 words

She welcomed him warmly, but he paced-around angrily, “Two more months, if nothing happens, I’ll get myself, a fruitful wife.” She sorrowed but boldly said, “The doctors say there’s nothing wrong with me. If you’ll only check yourself… Nine months later, Junior arrived but the reason why became Senior’s top-secret.