Baby Merchants:- Shamed

Before I met Uche and started eating the forbidden fruit, I had said severally to my 'carefree friends' in my usual high pitched voice, “avoid sex before marriage. It will ruin you and your future eventually. Focus on furthering your education instead." I said it with such boldness as a preacher would from a pulpit … Continue reading Baby Merchants:- Shamed

My Grey Haired Groom: His Mum Said I Was No Baby!

Continued from My Findings What do I do to be free from these people; Ukadi and his supporters including his desperate mother. Did he bring me to his house to prove how rich he was? And how well he could carter for me as his wife? Well, there’s no need for such since I didn’t … Continue reading My Grey Haired Groom: His Mum Said I Was No Baby!

Flash Storeal – Fear

I drove into the parking lot, stopped the engine and lay back on my seat to rest a little before alighting. I looked at the water tanker truck parked close to me and mused. If it were a petrol tanker truck, I shouldn’t park here. It could be extremely dangerous. But since 'Water Supply' is … Continue reading Flash Storeal – Fear

My Gray Haired Groom: My Findings

Continued from The Engagement It was very early in the morning when I opened my eyes to find myself in a very cozy bed. I raised my head to see the white satin sheet I was lying on and the soft pillows and throw pillows all over my bed. It seemed he carried me to … Continue reading My Gray Haired Groom: My Findings

I, Gabriel

My name is Gabriel, you can call me Gaby. I grow up in the small town of Zuika watching the sufferings the people around me have to go through just to complete a single task and think that they're not created to suffer this way. I shed tiny bits of tears one day looking at … Continue reading I, Gabriel

My Gray Haired Groom: The Engagement.

Ukadi and I got engaged to be married when I was 16 and he a little less than 50 with good number of gray hair scattered all over his head and scanty beards. I hated the arrangement but could not escape the engagement partly because I was only a child whose parents expected to depend … Continue reading My Gray Haired Groom: The Engagement.

Temporal Delusion

I tried but couldn't stop laughing. Laughing in public when alone without a genuine reason could be a sure sign of insanity. People looked at me and shook their heads in the street as I danced occasionally too. I'd walked a good distance when it popped up in my brain; I'd got a car I … Continue reading Temporal Delusion