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Lambs In Crisis

Shepherds relish the feed

of the lambs in crisis,

and mull over their struggles

to find a clogged path to right.

The aimless chariots mock

their bruised feet

cast on immense trail

of wandering.

What a marvellous design,

to gobble their starved

intellects in the end,

and sending more suffering

from trained arrows,

which happens to know,

how susceptible these lambs are.

One day,

when the lambs will find the light

Through the clogged path to right

The shepherds will be left behind

And everything will be fine again


Poem | Free Verse #1

Vetoed Masterpiece

A vetoed masterpiece

strolls across the sun,

crushed by scrutiny,

keeping aim firm.

The years

have failed to fetch rectitude

for the wailing voices

of the fated.

Those mused glorious days

trapped in the storm

go back and fort

in search of a way.

The fiery burning rays

Char the cure to an impasse.

The surreal odds,

stare the star in the eye.


the heart of faith bangs,

the clock of hope ticks;

in spite of what is now seen.


On the path of endless labour,

Dreams fill beings with worth.

The dawn of a beautiful day,

Brings to mind all that is lost.

Preoccupied hearts,

Dream of a better day,

A day better than days gone,

The intents for a better chance,

And thoughts of amazing prospects,

The mind keeps brisk.

Rest delays in the pit of slight,

Shoved aside and cast down.

Idleness is a giant monster,

Battered, beaten and laid to rest.

Lethargy goes into the deep,

Into pitch dark of nothingness.

Success rises like the sun,

And keeps shining with labour,

Like a never setting sun.

About Changing Lanes

Between a Poet And A Writer

The Unsought Life

The life unsought goes home

Behind the veil of secrecy

In the concealed hour of the day.

Erased from every platform

Like a pencil dot from paper

It’s better lost than gained

The unsought life is owned

By another who knows nothing

Of the value of the life unsought

Nor it needs to keep being

The other doesn’t even know

Doesn’t know about the end

Nor when the end knocks

Yet the other seeks the end

And the end comes

No one tries, no one dares-

Stop the menacing end

The other has the right

Probably given by law

Behold the vital fluid oozing

From the veins of the guiltless

Giving endless cry of misery

To the Giver of life unsought

The Giver hears and fumes

And the tears of the Sun drop

© Ifeoma Ezekafor