Wild Eyes..

“Hello!,” she had whispered and had waved her palm over his face to get his attention one cool evening while they were having a stroll in the neighborhood. His eyes had gone wild as usual, her anger had mounted on seeing such an act that had become a ritual. If he had not jerked back to himself quick enough and held her hand tenderly, she would have punched both of his eyes instantly in public. He saved himself!

Sarah had looked at her other half. She didn’t know what to do to make him stop. His sense of sight had been her major problem ever since – and his lack of control – a disgrace to her family.

Yet the kids loved him so much and had used tons of nice words to qualify him, like the best dad in the whole wide world.

Of course! It baffled her how Mark could pull off being a good father while being a bundle of infidelity who had often fallen on the laps of other women like the weakest vessel, dropping the seeds of his loins with some of them, kids he couldn’t deny.

She had caught him a good number of times eyeing other women, right under her nose, in a very bad, bad way- deeply immersed in lust. She had used different means to make him behave.

One day Sarah had gone out with him for a quick lunch at an open air restaurant. She had excused herself at a point to use the ladies room and when she was walking back to their table, she saw a gorgeous lady come along. She increased her pace towards him. It was a move to save him, not to possess him. She knew what would happen if she didn’t act fast.

She saw heads turn like Mark’s. But unfortunately he forgot himself when others didn’t and with his mouth left slightly open, he followed the gorgeous lady, before she could make it, lusting.

Sarah quickly followed to take his hand to walk him away but it was too late, his gaze had traveled far – he had lost control again. Then something happened…..Two men stronger than him appeared from nowhere to give him the beating of a lifetime. The gorgeous lady stood aside to watch and so did Sarah and the other onlookers.

When he opened his eyes and saw his wife like the tower of Babel by his side and he, lying flat on the roadside, face down with hands and legs stretched in different directions, he knew he had been punished for all his sins.

He looked at Sarah, her face was not so good-traces of bitter anger and shame and more.

He looked at the people gathered around him staring at him.

He tried getting up and knew he couldn’t without a hand. He touched his lips, corners bled and he spat out blood.

Why didn’t Sarah alert the police or at least call emergency?

He stood up, his head ached too– like hell. He reached hopelessly for Sarah, she reached for his hand and helped him up.

She felt better- if only he could learn his lesson and turn a new leaf after that.

“What just happened Sarah?” He ask as if he didn’t know.

“You tripped and fell,” She said sarcastically and smiled as her heart began to clap for the second time for the mean body guards.

“Ouch!” Mark moaned and touched the corner of his lips again. He could perceive the mock in her speech.

“Then got trashed by the stampede.” She completed and her heart clapped again. She smiled again.

“Ouch,” he held his head in both hands and hastened away while eyes followed like Sarah’s.



He loved and married a charming but promiscuous woman. She had promised to clean up before the knots but had broken her promise ten times in three years.

He couldn’t break away, he couldn’t break free from her hold, she had a charm about her, disarming and bone-crushing charm.

A week ago, she had left their three-year-old girl with a total stranger- their new neighbor who just moved in and had gone for hours into the evening. A man had dropped her off in front of the house at 9pm and she had sneaked in while he watched from the bedroom window. He had been very mad but she was sorry and had made another empty promise with tears flowing down her cheeks. Her charm, her unearthly, irresistible charm held his very soul captive.

From his secret hideout, he watched as she stood there by the roadside, like an angel of death ready with her net and hook, sure to catch her victim- a man to maim, just like she did him.

She wore her deceptive angelic outfit – in which her body was all covered up in the traditional long gown with her finger and toe tips peeping through the baggy sleeves and hem respectively, loose men could look at her just once and spend all their lives desiring her.

He watched as she occasionally looked at her wristwatch. Her demeanor revealed slight impatience and from her left hand hung a mini traveling bag which she switched from hand to hand every now and then – he had bought her that gorgeous bag as a present and she liked it so much and had thanked him a thousand times for it.

The man she was waiting for arrived. She hopped in.

He followed them.

After fifteen minutes drive, the car parked in front of a grand hotel. They came down and he saw the fair man she was with. He was everything more superior except of course his good nature. That had been the painful part.

“I’m sure to commit murder for the first time in my life, with my bare hands,” he had said to himself.

Right before his very eyes, the fair man held her hand, palm to palm. He glared at their entwined fingers as they walked past the gate into the compound.
As he kept looking at the fingers, he spotted the gold ring – their marriage symbol

I bought that ring with my hard earned money. She’s wearing my ring and yet with another….”

He bent his head and looked down to ease the sharp pain in his heart. When next he looked up at them, the lady’s head was on the fair man’s shoulder.

“Its definitely over, can’t take this anymore,” he said to himself and began to walk away.

His phone vibrated.

He turned to look at them. She was making a call while the fair man stood close, too close to be taken.

He picked up his call, she was the one.

“I know you’re following me. I know its hard for you to see me this way, it’s not easy for me too. You’re the only man I truly love but I can’t help myself. I’m sorry but you just have to go home and forget all about me. Please take care of our baby. I’ll wear this ring for you, and I ‘ll always love you. I’m leaving because of you, to set you free. Please forgive me.”

He felt the wave in his ear, it went all the way down to his heart and bones and he went limp.
He watched as she kept the phone back into her purse and they disappeared hand in hand into the hotel.

She kills me and wakes me up over and over again- and now, I’m dead.”

He looked at the hotel one more time and for the first time in his married life, he felt free but hopeless.