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Fix My Eyes

The world around felt cold and lonely as the wave rolled up, crashed against the shore and swept grit off his feet. His shirt and shorts flapped in all directions while he stood akimbo and stared at the horizon and did not care if the wave washed him into the deep. 

He blamed the beach and women in his mind for what happened between him and his fiancée, now his ex- It’s hard to think she had gone by his weakness. 

Two weeks ago, their shadows had grown to their actual length under the golden sun as their feet burrowed the loose sand along the coast, lost in each other’s company, fascinated by the romantic beach; the sand was clean and near golden, and the cool breeze made the leaves of the many coconut trees in its vicinity flutter to his pleasure. Voices sounded like symphonies, and lovely women were everywhere.  

He had cringed when her arms clasped his body In a possessive way, forcing him to suck in his stomach so she could wrap them around his rotund trunk, and lock him in with her index fingers. 

He knew why she did that, she needed to save him from a head-turner, who walked as if she drifted towards them. She was more than pretty. 

Even though he sensed his fiancée’s countenance screaming; ‘He is my man, so, back off!’ he went ahead and said,

‘I think I have seen that girl somewhere. Can’t remember where.’ Her eyes had gone up to the sky as if she did not hear him.

   ‘Can you see that?’ she  pointed at the sky like a little girl, ‘The sky is as blue as the ocean!’  That sounded like fascinating scenery, but he was already a mess – hooked by the sight of the young lady before them.

 His eyes had followed her as she passed them and even though she did not return his smile, she did well to hypnotise him. That’s why he got carried away by her silk hair, which danced mirthfully in the ocean breeze, and every other thing, including her ankle-length silk skirt. 

His fiancée might have caught the sight of his drool, for she pulled off her engagement ring without a buzz. The gorgeous ring hit the back of his head, bounced off and hit the sand beside a boy who admired his sandcastle. 

His belly had heaved as he jerked back to sensibility. But when he turned, he saw her prancing away like a bruised snake. 

   ‘What a volatile emotion this girl has! ’ he whispered to the ocean when he managed to come out of his head. ‘She pulled a diamond ring off her finger as if it’s made of cheap wood,’ he glided his head from side to side and strode to the raffia beach stretcher and as usual waited for a miracle even though she made it clear to him that she had moved on, with a serious man.

He had always thought that the charm of a man was tied to his riches. In other words, a rich man was always got what he wanted with his money. If this was true, why then was he still single? ‘Why did she leave me?’ He repeated the question to the hearing of his driver. His driver looked over his shoulder and did not try to answer. He too did not know. 

At  2: 55 am, he rolled from one side of his luxury bed to another and smothered the pillow pinned down on his chest with his fleshy arms, the thought of how to start afresh hunt for a young lady to make his wife was about to kill him. When he knelt and asked God to help him, he also promised to close his eyes against pretty women if he would ever look beyond his shortcomings and get him married.

 Afterwards, he lay awake and wondered if he could fulfil his promise to God. But a tiny voice crept into his mind and he heard what it said vividly, You know your problem. You know what the solution is.

That’s right. If he could only go blind–.

‘Fix my eyes,’ he whispered.



‘What Have You Done?’

It’s Susan’s wedding eve. Agnes crouched in a corner of the living room, looking all forlon. Her mind had gone off the preparation. She felt nauseous as she gazed at her busy and delighted family and friends getting ready for the big day, ignorant of what Susan had done that afternoon. In less than 24 hours, she would be tying the knots with Gabriel. He was a good man. How could she?
She had been her best friend since they were seven. They had kept each other’s secrets and that evening Susan had confessed to her, about what she did with James three days before her wedding and again six hours ago.
Susan needed to get it off her chest, she mentions something about dying to confess what she had done wrong to the best man in the world, to Gabriel. Now Agnes was the one dying to get it off her chest, she was at war within her. Gabriel deserved the know.  He deserved to know the truth even though Susan had made her swear she wouldn’t tell.

Thirty minutes late, disturbed Agnes headed to Gabriel’s house, to tell him, what her best friend had done. There, she saw the most lovely and joyous scene. Gabriel and his younger sister were all laughing. They were running around the dining table. As they did, they crashed into things and bumped into people. They were two grown-ups acted like kids. His sister was holding what looked like breadfruit porridge in a bowl and insisted he had eaten enough of it, the remaining portion was for her to finish. Friends and family watched the scene with laughter. She couldn’t help but chuckle.

Everyone looked so happy that Agnes had a second thought, giving him such bad news would ruin his moment and entire life and affect the whole family as well. He would certainly call off the wedding and she would be the cause of it all. Unfortunately, her second thought only lasted for only a few seconds.

She picked a spot in the room and waited for the right time to tell him. She kept glancing at the wall clock as it ticked away and at the same time weighed the consequences of what she was about to do. Susan’s sin would chatter Gabriel’s heart forever. Gabriel loved Susan, so much that he could die for her. Maybe he would forgive her if she begged him to.
Agnes had been a big help in the relationship, she was that someone he turned to when Susan developed cold feet. The last time they had an issue in their relationship, he had invited her into the matter to help talk to her. She had done a great job and they had bought her an expensive wristwatch three days later.

Gabriel noticed her and walked to her. He picked a seat beside her and looked into her face.
Agnes! What’s up? Tell me all is going well over there.’
‘I need to talk to you,’ she said and dragged him into the compound, away from the others.
‘Something happened to me this evening.’

‘What happened?’
‘Susan sent me on an errand, to buy her something from the mall. There, I saw my fiance with his ex.’ She waited to see his reaction. He frowned.
‘He is still with his ex, yet, he wants to marry me. I secretly followed them and….do you know where he took her?’ She paused and when next she spoke, her voice was broken.
‘To a hotel!!’
‘Oh no! That’s bad! How could he do that to you?’ he turned to look at the house and back to her as if he didn’t want anyone to hear.
‘I’m confused, Gabriel. What I wanted to do was tear them both to pieces. I made up my mind to cancel our wedding.’

‘Your wedding is in three weeks!’ Gabriel glared at her.
‘Yes, even if it’s tomorrow, I’d still cancel it.’
‘Have you confronted him?’
‘I couldn’t, Gabriel. They looked so happy together. He’s not worth fighting for.’
‘I suggest you don’t, ‘ she gave him a wild gaze.

‘I should quietly leave him?’
‘Nope. Far from it!!!’

‘Do you suggest I go ahead and marry the man who cheats on me with his ex?’
‘It’s complicated… You won’t believe what I’m about to tell you,’ he looked around before whispering to her. ‘I caught Susan in her bed, with her ex, two weeks before our wedding.
‘What?!!!!’ Agnes whispered back. She was perplexed. The situation was worse than she thought.
‘I was shattered, just like you are right now, but I have forgiven her as long as she didn’t go back to him. I warned him. He said he was sorry. He had been her brother’s friend before the onset of their relationship. He only came to see her brother and one thing led to the other. Susan was sick afterwards, she thought I would leave her.
‘That’s bull-shit!!’

‘Could he be lying to me? Could it be he went purposely to see her?’
‘I don’t know what to think.’
‘I’ll marry her tomorrow and then wait for that ogre to come near my wife and I’ll kill him.’ his voice was firm.

‘I don’t know what to say. You are a strong man.’

‘I guess I am. I have given Susan one more chance and she is doing well.’ All Agnes  wanted to scream at him that  

Susan wasn’t doing well. The history had repeated itself. Twice so. She had fallen again, and again.

‘That’s great. Thanks for giving her a second chance. I’m sure she won’t be that stupid again. You’re the best man for her,’ she said instead and scratched her neck.

But that night, Agnes couldn’t sleep.  Early in the morning, she woke Susan up and asked her one question.
‘Why have you done this evil to a man who loves you so much?’ Susan bent her head.

‘Agnes, I still love him. I still love James,’ she said.
‘What? He’s married. He dumped you and married someone else. Are you insane? I didn’t know you were this stupid.’ Susan reached for her hands.

‘Please don’t tell Gabriel… I promise it won’t happen again. I give you my word. Please.’

‘Oh, Susan! I can’t live with this secret. Go tell Gabriel what you did, before your wedding, or I will tell him myself.’

‘You can’t do that!! You’re my best friend,’ Agnes only stared her hard in the eyes and left.
Susan did tell Gabriel, Gabriel couldn’t take it. He called the wedding off.
Agnes felt deep remorse afterwards. She trusted Gabriel to forgive her friend again.
‘What have you done Agnes? You should have sealed your lips with glue. It’s too late now, you have ruined a wedding, your best friend’s wedding,’ she spoke to herself before the mirror as tears ran down her cheeks.



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He watched as she stood there by the roadside, like an angel of death ready with her net and hook, ready to catch her victim; a man to maim, just like she did him.

She wore her deceitful angelic outfit – in which her body was all covered up in the traditional long gown with her finger and toe tips peeping through the baggy sleeves and hem respectively.

He watched as she occasionally glanced at her wristwatch. Her demeanour revealed slight impatience and from her left hand hung a mini travelling bag which she switched from hand to hand now and then. He had bought her that gorgeous bag as a present and she liked it so much and had thanked him a thousand times for it.

The man she was waiting for arrived. She hopped in.

He followed them.

After fifteen minutes drive, the car pulled into a parking lot in front of a grand hotel. They came down and he saw the fair man she was with. He was everything more superior except of course his good nature. That had been the painful part.

“I’m sure to murder for the first time in my life, with my bare hands,” he had said to himself and looked frantically at his hands.

Right before his very eyes, the fair man held her hand, palm, to palm. He glared at their entwined fingers as they walked past the gate into the compound.
As he kept looking at the fingers, he spotted the gold ring – their marriage symbol

I bought that ring with my hard-earned money. She’s wearing my ring and yet…”

He bent his head and looked down to ease the sharp pain in his heart. When next he looked up at them, her head was on the fair man’s shoulder.

“It’s over, can’t take this anymore,” he said to himself and began to walk away.

His phone vibrated.

He turned to look at them. She was making a call while the fair man stood close, too close to be taken.

He picked up his call, she was the one.

“I know you’re following me. I know it’s hard for you to see me this way, it’s not easy for me too. You’re the only man I truly love but I can’t help myself. I’m sorry but you just have to go home and forget all about me. Please take care of our baby. I’ll wear this ring for you, and I’ll always love you. I’m leaving because of you, to set you free so you don’t need to continue with someone like me. You’re such a nice man and I’m terrible. Please go home and get a woman who will be faithful to you. Please forgive me.” She finished and cut the call.

He felt the wave in his ear, it went all the way down to his heart and bones and he went limp.
He watched as she kept the phone back into her purse and they disappeared hand in hand into the hotel.

I’m finally dead. She has killed me,” he said as he stood as

He looked at the hotel one more time and took his first step to retrace his way back to life without her. He knew it was going to be a long difficult journey. Life would never be the same again.