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Inspired Sunday – But For Grace

We tend to forget or ignore the power of grace in our lives and that it is only by grace that we are what we are.

Grace is everything, without it, life will be like chewing the rocks from within an inferno – unbearable. Everything we pass through, the difficulties, the losses and the pains we feel can wreck us, but grace lessens their effects on us. We pass through these difficult situations and come out stronger.

Grace picks us up from bed every morning, brings us sunshine and warmth and keeps us joyful. It takes us into the world and keeps us safe. So, we go out and we come back safe by grace. 

Grace feeds us, clothes us and shelters us. 

We look beautiful and pleasing all by it.

It takes us to a greater height and keeps us there where no one can bring us down.

When someone hurts you too badly, grace keeps us from hurting them back. Humans are prone to retaliation/revenge but by grace we forgive, we let go. 

We understand what is hard for others to understand and do what is hard for others to do.

Without grace we are nothing.

This grace does not come from anywhere. This grace flows from God’s love for us and like his love, it is eternal. 

So when we find yourselves struggling in life, when we are at the edge of giving up, when we think we are at a dead-end and there is no way out, we must remember that grace can see us through and that God gives this grace abundantly to anyone who asks him for it.

Happy Sunday to you.💖

Have a lovely week.😊

Wise Saying |A Ship In The Harbour Is Safe, But That’s Not What The Ship Is Made For – English Proverb

 For those who do not make it their permanent residence, the benefit of a comfort zone cannot be crossed out.

 When you stick to the dance style you have mastered or remain in the job you are well experienced in or drive the vehicle you are used to, you live without much stress. You are more confident because you are good at it already. You don’t need someone to ridicule you for an amateur performance or cast you away as inexperienced. Think of it, life is easier here. You are free from worries and terrors of new challenges and risks.

It serves as a winding-off region, a rejuvenating spot, where you recover yourself from all the stress, risk and discomforts of a normal life. So, the comfort zone shouldn’t be cast away, it should only be broadened by pushing its boundaries out from the other side, the side which is not the comfort zone. 

Now, imagine a strong, beautiful ship, full of potential which never left the harbour because the waters are rough. Imagine how weak and worthless that ship will eventually seem. 

The Comfort zone is the most pleasing place to be, yet the most ridiculous place to remain. Unfortunately, many are living for too long in different levels of a crippling comfort zone. Many are comfortable with the little amount they receive as a salary and sometimes live their entire lives doing one job and in one company they are comfortable working with — what you have is better than what you don’t have since a bird at hand is worth more than a million birds elsewhere right? Wrong.

The truth is that you do not know that you can add to the number of the birds in your hand and the only way to do that is to get out there, face the challenge and catching more.

 Exercise is an integral part of life but I have always wished I could live my life without a regular workout routine and be fine. Like a flickering light, I keep going on and off but because I know its significance, I break free from my comfort at least two or three times a week to do the thing that is important to my health. I must confess that doing this is one of the hardest things. 

 Sometimes What keeps you in your comfort zone is fear. You fear to take that first step like hell, just like a baby who would rather keep moving on its butt than take the first step, you remain where you are and do the things you feel safe doing.

Anxiety, fear of the unknown and thoughts that there is never a better place than where you are, keep you in the place of convenience and these things cost you growth and make fulfilling your potential impossible. You miss out on the rewards of trying a challenging or risky new activity when you hold back.

There is no better way to tackle a weakness than to come out of our comfort zone and there is no way to rejuvenate than revisiting it. This is where striking a balance comes in. You need to find a way to balance the equation of life. 

Like a traveller who takes some time off after a long hazardous journey, you need to sneak into your pampering, nurturing comfort zone sometimes, to get your sanity back and get back into your normal life, your normal life is not your comfort zone, your comfort zone is only a place you can recollect yourself.

What are your thoughts on this post? Please share with us.

Do All You Can Now

My first argument this morning was with my daughter who thought I won’t be there in the 2030’s. Even though she mistook the 30’s to be 2100, I got the message. A time is coming when no matter how old I could grow to be, I won’t be here anymore. If I’m wise enough, I should make good use of my remaining time on earth. Here isn’t a permanent place – this is what I often forget.

The second argument was that people are old when they reach certain age say, 50 and up. I took my time to explain to her that people are old only when they are too old to do things they usually did, when they can’t do things for themselves anymore and have to rely on others to do things for them.

I sited an example with her great-grandma, my grandma, who died at a ripe old age and who she was opportune to spend time with. At a point, she had to accept my assertion. She was there when grandma was fed and carried around. Her prayer at the time was ” God please make grandma walk again, so she could do things for herself.”

I don’t believe that an active person is old. It’s strange but that’s true for me. So age is only a number.

Hope you’re having a great time.❤

Inspired Sunday #11

When we find ourselves in a difficult situation and there’s nothing we can do to help ourselves, we wish for a miracle. At that point, we depend on the mercy of God to get us out of our difficulty. This help comes as a favour granted to us through others. This makes favour a very important aspect of living.

It is favour that takes us to where we can’t possibly reach with our natural exertion. With favour, life becomes simple: life becomes easy. But the problem with favour is, it doesn’t come as easily as we desire or need it to. That’s why we find life hard half of the time because we can’t favour ourselves.

If I needed a job and had tried everything in my power to secure it without any luck, the next thing I would do would be to find someone or someone who knows someone who could help me get that job. I keep looking for this special person until I find him. For the time I’m hoping for him to get that job and the time he got the job and as long as I have that job, that person would remain my superior.

He’s my superior because he’s that one person who could do what I couldn’t do for myself. He becomes my powerful influencer. I could do whatever he asks me to as long as I got that job.

I could craw on all fours and lick his shoes to keep receiving his favour, I become overly respectful, otherwise, I should as well forgo that favour.

It’s also good to have the extent to which we can go with our superiors as we try to keep receiving the favour We shouldn’t sell our worth and credibility to keep their favour.

It’s good to note that no one on their own can favour anyone; God only uses them to bring us favour. It’s your duty to show respect and do what you’re asked to do to please your superior.

However, be wise any time you’re left to chose between your credibility and the favour you’re gaining, chose freedom. Drop that favour on your superior’s table and go home. You’ve lost nothing you won’t get back, You have that which you haven’t lost; your good self.

Do have a blessed week.💖

Inspired Sunday #10

We all love our homes but we leave it for some other places. We leave our towns, states, countries or continents to live in another for a long, long time. Sometimes we have good reasons for leaving, sometimes we don’t.

For some, it’s mandatory to leave their homes. For these, they don’t have an option. It could be work transfer, further studies or on a mission to restore peace.  This category is compelled to leave home and once the purpose is accomplished, they could carry their luggage and go home the same day. 

Some just want a different place from where they grew up. They can’t imagine  spending their entire lives in that same place. 

Some say “The light shines brighter on the other side!” For them, setting feet there means a better, happier life.

Some say, “I want to flee and never come back to this damned place of mine.” For these, leaving is surviving – it’s staying alive.

Some won’t leave home for any reason at all. They could resign from work when transferred. For these ones, home is the best place. No matter how home is, they’ll be there till the end. They love it till death.

Home Is Where We Find True Peace.

In truth there is no where as peaceful as  home. Home is where all your pieces come together as a whole. Home is where you find rest. Home is that one place you truly miss just like your mother’s cooking.

You Will Never Forget Your Home.

Do have a blessed week💖