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Toxic Love

Azuka’s roommates had held her back one evening from returning to the psycho, who had on several occations given her a black eye without any remorse. But she had screamed like a naughty child and said they should leave her alone.

She couldn’t keep Jeff waiting in the cold harmattan weather for long. It’s her life, she had said.  Whatever she did with it wasn’t any of their business. They let her go – back to him.

That night at 1:30 am, she returned sobbing, holding the left side of her face. She got hit again – by the psycho.

She got hit again because she talked to her best friend Ola. Ola hated Jeff and his ancestors for the way he treated her soft-hearted friend, Azuka. She had confronted him one day and had sworn to deal with him if ever he laid his hands on his friend again. From that day, Jeff forbade Azuka from moving with her friend Ola.

Ola didn’t know that Jeff hit Azuka again. She hid it from her because she didn’t want to make Jeff angry; Ola would fight him.

That same midnight he came back to the window calling and begging. He needed her to come to him. Azuka’s roommates told him to leave immediately but Azuka dressed up before their glaring eyes and left.

She went down to meet him. She couldn’t bring herself to refusing his plea. She loved him with every drop of her blood!

Azuka’s parents got to know about the toxic relationship through an unidentified person, who said she was concerned their daughter could die in the hands of a brute of a boyfriend if they didn’t do anything about it. But when they went to school, Azuka told them there was no such thing. They shouldn’t listen to anyone trying to make them hate her. They believed her and left.

Things got out of hand when at the beginning of the first semester Jeff took her ATM card from her after a little plea for ten thousand naira. That same day, he withdrew all the money in her account including her school fees and living allowance. When she asked him to return the money, he threatened to leave her. The worst that could happen to her was breaking up with Jeff. She couldn’t afford to lose him. She lied to her parents to have them send her more money, they did. She was their only child and they were well to do.

When Azuka went to ask Jeff to give back her ATM card, he got annoyed.

“I can see that something is wrong with your head, ” he said and walked away from her. She didn’t know what to do.

The next day, Azuka went to the bank and blocked the ATM card and got a new one. She was afraid Jeff was going to react, so she asked Ola to be with her always. Ola was a tiger – two strong men were probably trapped in her feminine frame. Asuka needed not to fear once she was by her side. It’s just that most of the time, she had kept Ola in the dark concerning the toxic relationship.

It was weekend and Ola needed desperately to visit home. Her oldest sister was opening a supermarket and wanted her to be there on Saturday for the event. She pleaded with Azuka to come with her but she said she had to stay to prepare for her test coming up on Monday.

Three days had passed since Jeff had refused to talk to Azuka because she blocked her ATM card with him. He had given her the condition to unblock her card with him if ever she wanted him to have anything to do with her ever again.

“You know it’s not possible Jeff. That particular card can’t be unblocked but I can give you the new one.” She rummaged in her bag for her purse and brought out her new ATM card and offered it to him like an idiot. He had refused it and had walked away.

She was going crazy without him. She had told Ola and Ola had felt like whipping her.

“Stay in your room all weekend. I’ll be back on Sunday evening.” Ola pleaded with her and she promised never to see Jeff without Ola.

But on Saturday evening, around 10 pm, Azuka heard his voice in the dark night calling at the window. Her heart swelled with pleasure. She took off to meet him downstairs, despising her roommate’s plea.

Her roommate heard them giggling as they went away in the dark night. She shook her head and retired to bed.

All through the night, Azuka did not come back to her room. In the morning, she didn’t return. Her roommate had to involve the school security service after searching and waiting into the Sunday afternoon.

When Ola returned on Sunday evening, she went to Azuka’s hostel and was told she had been missing since Saturday night.

Ola knew at the instant that Jeff was behind her missing. She called home but she was not there.

Ola went to Jeff and he coldly said he didn’t see her.

Azuka’s roommates were interrogated. One of them revealed that Azuka went out with Jeff that night and didn’t come back.

Jeff was detained and interrogated by the police. He denied having seen her that night and because nothing could trace her missing to him and the roommate couldn’t prove anything, he was released.

The next day, Jeff disappeared from his room with his valuable possessions – got himself accommodation in the town. Students suspected he had a hand in Azuka’s sudden disappearance.

Azuka’s parents made sure Jeff was tracked down within a month. He was seriously at large and was found at the remote area of Abuja in a one-room apartment. He looked like someone who had sorrowed too much and had not slept in months. He looked unkempt, hungry and worn out.


Jeff was taken back to Borno State Police Headquarters and that same day, he led them to the spot in the school garden known as ‘love garden’

“This is where we last met,” he said and begged the policeman to pick up the withered hibiscus from the ground. He moved closer and sniffed it. “She had put this in my hair. She knew how much I hated hibiscus. I had yanked it off my head jokingly and thrown it at her. She got amused and I can still hear her laughter echoing in the night.” He moved closer and sniffed the hibiscus again. “Now that she is gone, I feel I’ve begun to love hibiscus.”

“Where is her body?”

He led them to the nearby bush. They found Azuka’s body in a big sack. A careful look devolved bruises on the back of her neck if the rotting corpse.

“You have the right to remain silent, anything you say from now onward could be used against you in the court of law.” an officer said with his palm over his nose.

‘I dont care anymore. I don’t care if I lived or died. What could life be without my only babe? All I wanted was to kiss her that night. She refused and my anger mounted.”

You have the right…..

“I hit her only once. She wasn’t supposed to die. I’ve hit her more than that in the past and she didn’t even slump to the ground. Oh, my God”

“You son of a ***. All I wanted was my daughter, alive. You have given me a rotten body. What am I going to do with— what am I going to tell her mother?” Azuka’s father struggled with the men holding her from hitting Jeff.

Jeff was put in jail after confessing that he hit his girlfriend, Azuka just once on the back of her neck and she went lifeless. According to him, he didn’t mean to kill her.

“If my babe Azuka were here in this court in death, she would forgive me and let me go. I implore you to please do what she would do for me and let me go. Not for me, I do not want to live anymore but just for her to be happy wherever she is.” This was his last statement when he was given a rare chance in court to say something before the final verdict.

That statement aggravated Azuka’s parents resentment. All they wanted was for the judge to grant their daughter justice.

Jeff got life imprisonment.


Odd Fate #1

Mary saw the storm across the horizon, through the glass wall of the seaside eatery, a few kilometres away. It was coming slowly and looked like a normal storm, nothing to be afraid of. She ignored it and focused on the menu before her. Her father sat across the table, a little busy with the waiter. Her eyes twinkled when he smiled at her. She had missed him a lot.

He had spent half his life sailing on the sea as a captain, with little to no time for her and her mom. ‘That’s the nature of my job.’ he once told her when she asked why he was not always there, ‘I have to keep it that way to give you both a good life.’

That evening, she waited for him at the landing and dragged.

‘My graduation is in three weeks papa and I want you to be there.’ there was an edge in her tone. She knew what he was going to say. He was not giving his word because his schedules were usually tight beyond his control. His spoke-spoken nature disarmed her. Tears had clouded her eyes when a woman screamed.

“Look!” Everyone’s head turned in her direction and their eyes followed her index finger to behold what she saw. All stood in awe of the awesome yet terrifying sight. Everyone rushed to the door. The chefs with their ladles and knives and the waiters with their trays, everyone wanted to have a better view of it. Everyone’s bulging eyes almost popped out of their sockets as the horror advanced and enlarged.

It was an enormous white windstorm just like clouds pushed around by some massive force. The spinning wind darted in all directions as if searching for something important.

The more it revealed itself, the more terror gripped everyone. Like the titan, its power and strength were terrific. Before everyone’s glare, it went in the direction of a car, a jeep wrangler parked in its unsteady path and lifted it, carried it high in the air, extending to reach wherever it wanted and then brought it down furiously to crash. The owner ran towards it menacingly but people stopped him.

As it made for the eatery as if intentionally, everyone made for a fast escape. The eyewitness reporters, who aimed at getting every detail of the incident, ran.

When escape became impossible for some people, they were swept off their feet into the middle of the spinning storm. Mary was one of the dozens first captured and she felt its virtual walls rub against her helpless body causing vibration in her flesh as they began to ascend.


Fix My Eyes

The world around felt cold and lonely as the wave rolled up, crashed against the shore and swept grit off his feet. His shirt and shorts flapped in all directions while he stood akimbo and stared at the horizon and did not care if the wave washed him into the deep. 

He blamed the beach and women in his mind for what happened between him and his fiancée, now his ex- It’s hard to think she had gone by his weakness. 

Two weeks ago, their shadows had grown to their actual length under the golden sun as their feet burrowed the loose sand along the coast, lost in each other’s company, fascinated by the romantic beach; the sand was clean and near golden, and the cool breeze made the leaves of the many coconut trees in its vicinity flutter to his pleasure. Voices sounded like symphonies, and lovely women were everywhere.  

He had cringed when her arms clasped his body In a possessive way, forcing him to suck in his stomach so she could wrap them around his rotund trunk, and lock him in with her index fingers. 

He knew why she did that, she needed to save him from a head-turner, who walked as if she drifted towards them. She was more than pretty. 

Even though he sensed his fiancée’s countenance screaming; ‘He is my man, so, back off!’ he went ahead and said,

‘I think I have seen that girl somewhere. Can’t remember where.’ Her eyes had gone up to the sky as if she did not hear him.

   ‘Can you see that?’ she  pointed at the sky like a little girl, ‘The sky is as blue as the ocean!’  That sounded like fascinating scenery, but he was already a mess – hooked by the sight of the young lady before them.

 His eyes had followed her as she passed them and even though she did not return his smile, she did well to hypnotise him. That’s why he got carried away by her silk hair, which danced mirthfully in the ocean breeze, and every other thing, including her ankle-length silk skirt. 

His fiancée might have caught the sight of his drool, for she pulled off her engagement ring without a buzz. The gorgeous ring hit the back of his head, bounced off and hit the sand beside a boy who admired his sandcastle. 

His belly had heaved as he jerked back to sensibility. But when he turned, he saw her prancing away like a bruised snake. 

   ‘What a volatile emotion this girl has! ’ he whispered to the ocean when he managed to come out of his head. ‘She pulled a diamond ring off her finger as if it’s made of cheap wood,’ he glided his head from side to side and strode to the raffia beach stretcher and as usual waited for a miracle even though she made it clear to him that she had moved on, with a serious man.

He had always thought that the charm of a man was tied to his riches. In other words, a rich man was always got what he wanted with his money. If this was true, why then was he still single? ‘Why did she leave me?’ He repeated the question to the hearing of his driver. His driver looked over his shoulder and did not try to answer. He too did not know. 

At  2: 55 am, he rolled from one side of his luxury bed to another and smothered the pillow pinned down on his chest with his fleshy arms, the thought of how to start afresh hunt for a young lady to make his wife was about to kill him. When he knelt and asked God to help him, he also promised to close his eyes against pretty women if he would ever look beyond his shortcomings and get him married.

 Afterwards, he lay awake and wondered if he could fulfil his promise to God. But a tiny voice crept into his mind and he heard what it said vividly, You know your problem. You know what the solution is.

That’s right. If he could only go blind–.

‘Fix my eyes,’ he whispered.



Live For Yourself!

What does it take to mend a broken heart?

How can someone heal from heartbreak?
Those were the questions a young girl asked me as I strode past her in the Chapel. I looked at her and the first thought that came to my mind was, Oh no! You’re too young to be talking about heartbreak! I did not say this out to her though, I only felt her pain. 
She was in a terrible situation, and her only hope seemed to be the Holy Eucharist.
To be sincere, I did not have a valid or straightforward answer to her question, but I suppose I should have told her to cry herself to sleep. I don’t know if this could have solved her problems but I know it solved and still heals all sorts of emotional pain that comes my way.  I did not want to tell a gloomy face to wail over her situation,  I did not want to leave her without a word of comfort either. Looking at her, she was already in a delirious state – a mass of pained mess!
So, I sat with her, and we stared at each other in silence for a while. She waited for my answer while I thought about a perfect way to begin.
So what happened? Why did this man leave you for another girl?
They were to get married and, this lady who claimed to be his girlfriend appeared from nowhere and scooped him off her hands and disappeared into thin air. 
What about the man, did he care to look back or try to explain?
No, he didn’t. He did not call or text to explain to her. She did not see or hear from him again, plus; he refused to pick her calls.
Well, the way I’m seeing it, that man does not deserve you. A man who couldn’t fight to protect what both of you shared is not worth your trouble. He does not care about your feelings or he would have called to comfort you, or to at least say sorry. You need someone who will treat you the way you ought to be treated and fight for and defend you and never leave you for anyone. He doesn’t deserve you.
She glared at me and I guessed she was wondering if that was my answer to her question and I hoped she understood it was a part of it. Before you heal, you must analyse the obvious and let go of what can never be.
Do you think he loves you?
She was not sure, but he cared about her so much that no day passed without adequate communication from him.
And now that she has taken him away, what do you think?
She thinks the other woman is making him forget her. If only she could get rid of ber, she would come back to her.
So the blame goes to her and not to him?
I found out she did not see any wrong in what he did. The lady was to be blamed for his actions.
Do you think he will come back to you?
I don’t know.
I don’t think he is the right person for you. The right man will come. You are young and beautiful. A man who meant for you will come. Go on with your normal life. Eat, dance, pray, sleep, study, Laugh, smile, cry if you have to, but keep living your happy life. With time, when you remember him, you won’t feel pain anymore. Keep coming to the Chapel, and put your mind to God and the future ahead of you.


I’m telling this story because it’s important to let whoever is passing through the same that life is not over. After all, someone who left your life does not mean that life is over. I know it’s hard to live with the pain of rejection but life is not over. Live for yourself. Think about yourself, your future, your well-being, your life goal and focus on your life.
When I hear of young adults who commit suicide. when the persons they love dump them I ask myself why. I guess it’s because they think that there is nothing to live for anymore. They don’t think that love can happen with someone else – that someone can fall in love over and over and over again.  Besides, I have seen people living successful life without a lover. It’s possible. There is always one person who love and live for, and that person yourself, myself.

Live for yourself even though you should also live for others who depend on you, do not allow anyone to wreck your emotional wellbeing. life.


But how easy is it to forget someone you love?  It’s difficult. It takes a long time. Long, long time. How easy is it to move on?

 It is difficult and depends on the time it takes for you to come to terms with the fact that your egg has crushed and the content has leaked out, and that what you are holding is nothing but a useless shell — the milk has spilt and you what you are holding is nothing but an empty bottle. It is when you realize this that you will drop the shell or the empty bottle, dust your hands and walk away without looking back.


This Thing Called Love

A person drunk with love is a little crazy – is addicted. Love begins with seeing someone with a pleasing attribute and attitude. You long to see them more, be with them more, and so on. When a relationship is established, we feel good because we have them in our lives. Our brains work to make us keep wanting more of them by releasing feel-good hormones when we’re with them or think about them. When we lose whoever or whatever we love, the brain tries to keep us in the place where we feel happy and refuses to adjust to the new situation and accept the loss. In doing this, it releases stress hormones and the effect of these causes actual pain and makes one act a little crazy and lose interest in life as a whole. Life becomes dull and uninteresting.
You lose interest in day-to-day life and think that moving away from your place or the world is the key. But no matter where you go in this world, the mind keeps visiting the past. Moving on becomes hard.

You may not have control over the way your brain handles heartbreak, but you can train your mind to begin the healing process. Training the mind to come to terms with the fact that you have lost the person and there is no bringing him back. 

It takes time to get the mind to yield, but you need to try.
It could take weeks, months or years in chronic cases.  Heartbreak really sulks.


Ways I Handle Heartbreak And Loss

1. I cry my way through every hurt. Just a few minutes to an hour of heart-wrenching cry. During that process, the pain and bitterness from the disappointment,  failure, rejection and loss, flow out through my tears. Cry if crying comes easy to you as it does to me. It’s better to cry over it than to brood. When I cry over something, I get hurtful feelings off my mind. 

Crying can heal. It’s relaxing

So when you can’t bear the pain anymore, wail and you will find out how relaxing it can feel in the end.

2. I Sit And Listen To The Spirit Of God

My greatest comforter is God. So, when my heart is broken, I visit the Chapel. There, I spend an hour in silence and listen for inspirations. I go home happy and energised in the end. God has always seen me through a lot. Through disappointments, through loss, through failure, name it. So When the tough gets too tough, I cry before him. He always has something better in the end.

3. I Talk To Others

I talk to my close persons. Family, friends etc. One person or two are enough. Good, positive and supportive people. Not just anyone.

4. I Exercise.

I don’t underestimate the power of exercise. It boosts my life and keeps me in high spirits. And beats every hurt down.

5. I Write
Writing is my love.
It can’t break my heart.


Thank you for reading.
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What would you tell someone who asked you the same question she asked me?

Share your opinion in the comment section.

Inspired Sunday #8

Love is an obligation – that’s what we owe each other. The best way to live is to love and the best way to die is to hate.

Love is immeasurable. It’s vaster than the universe and deeper than the bottomless pit. There is no limit to the number of people we can love at a time.

What limits our ability to love is hate. When hate lords over us, we become different. We become vicious.

When we hate others, we hate ourselves – we destroy ourselves.

Each time we hate, something dies in us. First, love and peace. If we keep hating, some other things die – joy and happiness. Finally, we die. Hate makes us hollow on the inside, eaten up by a burning and perpetual hatred.

This burning hate makes us deadly. We become aggressive, fight and kill each other. We do not fight because we disagree, we fight because we hate each other. We make sophisticated guns and weapons of mass destruction (products of a hateful mind) to destroy one another.

Love is a powerful weapon against hate.

With love, we can conquer hate. We dwell together in harmony. We overlook wrongs and forgive one another. We feel empathy and show compassion. We care for each other and share what we have with one another. We seek for each other’s good. In loving we make a heaven for each other.

When we feel hate, such thing as simple as a natural and a loving smile at the ones we hate mght help us suppress and overcome the hate we feel for them.

Love is life.

We need to love to live. So we chose to love.

May we find love as we make loving others an obligation.❤️

Have a blessed week ahead!