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Happy People Play

“Are you alright?” James asked while sitting close to his darling.

“Do I look alright to you?” She moved away from him.


“Is it wrong to show I care?” He moved closer.

“Were you suppose to ask questions you already know the answers to?” He looked surprised.

“What do you think I should’ve said instead?”

Tone high and firm

“Why do you always want me to put words in your mouth?” she stood up and vibrated. The kids rushed to the closed door and listened, surprised at the new development.

“Why have you turned this difficult Grace?” He stood and walked closer to her.

“Have you ever thought you might be the one reason why life’s so miserable for me and why I’m ‘this difficult?” The kids gasped.


“What did you just say to me?”

“What did you hear me say?”

“Would you please repeat your second to the last question?” James moved menacingly towards her.

“Will you answer the question if I repeated it, or hit me?”

The kids glared, eyes wide.

“Why are you looking at me that way?” James asked.

“What way am I looking at you and what did see me with? Mouth?”

“What’s that in your eye? Anger? Hate?” He asked almost giving in.

“What do you think it is?”

“What are you…a hawk? .โ€ฆa tiger or something?”

“Which one do you chose to call me?”

Silence and smiles.

“Where’s everyone?” He asked surrendering.

“Ain’t you breaking the rule of the game? Don’t you know you’re not allowed to change the topic?” Grace asked still strong and ready?.

“Okay, I give in. You won!”

“Yeeeeeeeah! Again! I won! Ten times in a row! I’m on a roll!!” She said jumping up and down like a child.

“Awesome. Now, give yourself a loud applause.” James said and they both laughed andclapped and the kids couldn’t believe their ears.


Did you know that play can reduce stress in adults?

Get a little childish play daily.

Just a little will do.๐Ÿ˜†

Inspired Sunday #9

I like life in my village and the fact that one can’t hide from the people at any time of the day. It’s unbelievable!๐Ÿ˜„

At my village home, every minute of the day is spent with people. I got so used to it that whenever I found myself alone while there, I felt weird. Yet I’m a type that likes being by myself. It’s ironic.

Naturally, my village is not a place for being alone, each time I travelled I made up my mind to enjoy what was available – people. Deep inside I yearned for an alone time even though it’s not all that possible.

People visit at will. They don’t give a damn if you need some quiet time or not. You don’t expect them to call you before a visit or knock on your door before opening it. You expect that from city people. Your main gate remains open during the day, so they can walk in and out when needed. They only ask, “is anyone in the house” when no one comes out to welcome them.

If you are a writer it’s hard to cope.

You have little or no time for reading or writing. In fact, I tend to put writing aside till when I get back to the city

Communal life is not just a part but the soul of village people. To enjoy the villa, you must be people loving and ready to share all you have. You must be open to large number of people. When you cook, you cook a large quantity of food so that anyone who pays you a visit gets something to eat.

My last visit to the village was fun, we had rambunctious moments. I chatted, laughed and had wonderful discussions with lovely people.

Could you believe I tried hiding myself from people! Well, it didn’t work. Not when they could look for me in my pot of soup and under my bed.

No hiding place.

There was a day I decided to take a day off from seeing certain people. I locked myself up in my roon feigning sleep but my visitor kept calling. She spent five minutes calling. She knew I was around, my car was packed in the compound. I expected her to think I was deep asleep but no. Instead she picked a seat and sat down to wait. ๐Ÿ˜€

What? ๐Ÿ˜€

Well, I refused to see her that day.

The next day, she came back calling and met me sitting with my mother. She quickly pulled a chair close to us and we spent hours babbling.

I waited till I travelled back to the city to resume my daily writing.

As a writer, what could you have done if left in my village for a week with all the people? Hope to hear you opinion.

Hope you have a great week ahead.๐Ÿ’–