Unforeseen Dilemma # 11

Sarah needed to find the criminal to be able to see her mother again. After waiting for long in the lonely dark area in vain, she and Mr Adam’s began the long walk home.

Domain Chaos #6 – Buying The Chief

His Royal Highness, Igwe Arinze Ogelu was the ruling chief of Nibo Town. A vibrant light-skinned man though in his early 60’s. He looked majestic in his kingly outfit – a casual traditional robe with the pattern on tiger’s skin printed on it. His kingly traditional hat sat on his throne. He was a friend…

Unforeseen Dilemma #10

James watched with tension as the two exhausted policemen parted the bushy shrubs with their hands to make walking through it to where he was standing with his gaurd easy. The evening mist on the shrubs might have moistened their jean trousers and jackets. They returned without a catch and James breathed a silent relief….

Unforeseen Dilemma #8

James ordered Sarah to hand the gun to him. “Your mother is at risk here and so is my daughter and Mr. Adams family. Hand me the gun, “ “Who are you?” Sarah asked James wondering how he got the weapon. Was he having the it all along before The Man got him? Did The…

Domain Choas 2 – The Offer

Engr Ndubisi was worried sick and to pre-empt his brain cells from popping, he stood up, secured his sweaty hands in his pockets, strolled to his office glass window and allowed his bloodshot eyes to scan what he thought was the pretty messed-up world. His focus was on the people before him hurrying to God-knows-where….