The Limping Son of Money


Jenny, I saw money today!”
“I saw money and we had a very serious chat.”
“Honey, are you alright?”
“Yeah! So, I asked money why it’s so hard for him and his entire family to come to us.”
“Now I look like a moron listening to nonsense. Could you please cut it and go straight to the point?
“Money said his little son followed us everywhere. But he was going to take him back.”
“Interesting joke.”
“I asked him why.”
“Uh huh?”
“He said the last time he saw us with his son, he was limping his right leg.”
“What was that suppose to mean?”
“He said his son had broken his right leg under our care. He said if we couldn’t take care of his little one, how would we ever take care of his entire family?”
“Funny joke John. You nailed it. I’m cracked up.”
“He said that if we could take care of his little son, he would grow and have his own wife and many children in our house.”
“That makes sense. So where are you heading to with this money and his family and son limping leg joke?”
We have to take care of our little money for financial growth.”
“How do you mean?”
“By cutting down on unnecessary spending.”

“We are not extravagant, John. We buy only what we need.”
“Yes, but your personal needs are the problem. Financially we fall into lower class but you insist on having everything an upper-class woman should have.”
“Do you mean to say that I squander our money. Did you take me out on a walk to say this to me?”
“I thought it would be better to let you know how I feel about some things you do which I don’t like. Bottling up isn’t good for a healthy relationship.”
“This moment was supposed to make us bond stronger but you are spoiling it with your admonitions.”
“Honey, it’s important that we talked about this to prevent future conflict when it hits. I’m worried sick about our financial future”
“Have you made inquiries about our new car choice with a dealer? I hope this section is not about how you have changed your mind.”
“And now this. This is exactly what I’m talking about. We have a car that takes us to places and you keep talking about getting a luxury car.”
“We need that car, John. Have you heard of how dreaming big can help one work hard?”
“I’m only bothered about our financial statements in two years to come.”
“You shouldn’t. We should only make plans on how to create other sources of income.”
“Did you get my point?”
“What point? About cutting down on my personal spending? Of course, I did.”
“I’m glad you did.”
“I feel so sad right now.”
“You’ll be alright in the morning.”


50 words

A lovely couple laughed heartily from a corner of the eatery. Suddenly, a woman walked to their table and demanded an explanation. The lady arched her brows and waited. “Honey, this is Callista, she’s my colleague at work.” They left while the content of two glasses ran down his face.

Male Child

50 words

Siandi’s mother died while giving birth to her and in his desperation to have a male child who would retain his family name, Siandi’s father, Mr Hendul Noku arranged for a man, who defiled her. She got pregnant at seventeen. But while giving birth to a female child, she died.


50 words

“Sacked? Why?”

“Janey got sick, and with my boss’s permision, I took the day off to take the poor cat to the clinic. Next day, at the office, a stranger sat put in my position.”


“He said I had a cat”

“That’s a terrible pet-hate”

“I wish he was predictable.”