Allien Attack

50 words

Pride of the Forest City stood tall, good life in fair weather. Esteemed branches spread out courageously, while the leaves swayed in tune with the wind. But, the aliens arrived unheralded – blades shiny sharp. It happened so fast and the city lost its pride. Survivors bemoaned and craved for motility.

I Believed

50 words

Grandma said, “if you go thirty-arms-length close to the railways, moving train magnates you to its body and makes you disappear.” I believe her.

Mum said, “if that boy’s hand touches you, you’ll get pregnant.” I believed her.

I learned the truth from tenth-grade-teacher, who happened to use the trick.

Go Get Jobs

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50 words

“My mother-in-law thinks I’m lazy.”
“Really? Why?”
“ I have three maids.”
“What’s wrong with that?”
“She thinks maids are for working mothers”
“Well, ignore her to prevent an altercation.”
“I just don’t want her around anymore. .”
“Longevity runs in my veins people.”
“Welcome, ma’am.”
“Go get jobs.”

Let Down


“What are you doing?”
“Honey, we don’t need this vow.” The congregation glared. The officiating priest waited.
“In the absence of groom’s vows we assume he isn’t ready. This wedding is hereby called off.” The bride held her gown up and trotted down the isle. Groom hastened after her, calling.

Storeal: Thoughtless Dare

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Gloria came face to face with the Fair Lady. Her appearance was irreproachable. Awkward moment followed in silence. She couldnt open her mouth to utter a word to her. She had been hypnotised and disarmed. She was supposed to tell the demon to leave that area, she just couldn’t.

A bus arrived, the Fair Lady gave her a firm smile and she saw it again, she had a weird set of teeth. Gloria went to the bus driver and whispered something to him. She was still talking with the driver when the Fair Lady alighted and walked away.

Few minutes passed and there was news all over the town. A terrible accident had occurred somewhere close. No one in the bus survived. Gloria rushed to the scene, it was that same bus.

“She has done this,” Gloria muttered under her breath “blood sucking demon.” she stood and watched in horror as the ambulance carried the bodies away. She sighed and blamed herself for not acting earlier on. She should be stronger spiritually. She she got the gift but needed enormous power to fight with.


In the evening the same day, after dinner, gloria retired to bed with her husband. In the midnight around 1:00 am, she woke up suddenly to see a figure in her room. She called her husband and he didnt wake up. It was dark so she turned on the light and saw her – the Fair Lady was sitting in her bedroom sofa still in the same outfit. Gloria flinched, became frantic and rushed to her husband to wake him but he was still dead asleep. No effort to wake him up worked. She stood there frozen at a corner not knowing what else to do. The Fair Lady moved closer, her feet in the air.

“He can’t hear you my friend. I’m here to ask why you walked up to me at the square. You were not supposed to find out who I was, but you did. I’ve come to find out how you did that. How were you able to see me?”

Gloria shook and held her husband tight to ward her fears. Then she thought about prayers but it was too late. She couldnt open her mouth.

“Anyway I’ve got no much time, let me see if you can stop me now,” the Fair Lady changed into a man, gave her a tiny mark on the palm and sucked till she fainted.

Gloria woke up in the hospital bed with prayer warriors all around her. She had being in comma for three days. She recalled what what someone once said to her; never tackle spiritual matters with physical powers, failure awaits in the end.


STOREAL is a short story based on real life experiences of people, posted on FIEZ on Thursday.