Benefits Of Daily Writing Routine & Why It May Not Be For You

The benefits of daily writing routine outweigh the drawbacks, yet those drawbacks can overwhelm you and force you to rethink daily writing as a routine. The big question is, does daily writing routine work for you? If it does, you can work through the rest of the drawbacks and embrace the practice. Keep reading…

The Patient Writer | Writing Tips

The Greek Philosopher, Aristotle said that patience is bitter , but its fruit is sweet. ~~~~~~~ You will find my post, The Patient Writer on Golspen. It is my other website strictly for writing tips. Kindly follow me over there. Thank you.

The Writing Craft

Years ago, when my elementary school teacher asked us girls, to weave a local basket, we didn’t know where to start. Basket weaving at the time was strictly for boys. As a result, girls didn’t learn the craft. To be able to nail making the basket, we needed to learn the basics which meant going…

Why You Shouldn’t Compare Your Work With Others

Have you ever felt inadequate and beaten while reading someone else’s write-up? Have you ever felt that person’s writing is better than yours? Writers read a lot and it is interesting to know that as they read other writers works, especially, works of well-established writers, they do so to learn from their work and become…

Avoid The Use Of Big Vocabulary In Your Writing

Vocabulary is an important tool which helps you to send your thoughts and ideas across to the reader but the use of big vocabulary should be avoided. Writing should be simple and straightforward.