Life Can Only Be Good



“I wish one  had the power to relive a good life, Sam.”

“Well, that’s not impossible?”

“You know, like having the same pleasant experience lived over and over again,”

“It won’t be good.”

“Well…., ”

“I think we need all the drama to spice up life and make us stronger and wiser,”

“Naturally, people crave for the good life and no one, I mean no one wants the bad life.”

“I do think there is no such thing as a bad life, Greg. ”


“I believe there can be bad businesses, bad marriages, bad events, bad jobs, bad people but not a bad life.

“Of course those are the things that make life bad”

“These bad occurrences are unavoidable. Nevertheless, we have control over how they affect us and if we can control how these affect us, our lives would always be ecstatic.”

“The fact is that it’s almost impossible to subdue the way we feel about a bad circumstance.”

“That’s right but it matters that we wade through to reach the end unmaimed.”

“I expect the best out of life every day though.”

” It’s human to expect the best out of life each day but one should not totally ignore the likelihood of the unavoidable negative happenings- it helps to prepare the mind for them, prevent a shock when they come and also helps to easily lunch a possible solution.”

“You totally sound like my life coach.”

“I wish I was. You need a mind restructuring.”


“Everything will go well but don’t wipe out the possibility of losing her to Mr. Right from your mind.”

“There is no such thing as Mr. Right. It’s always Mr. Greg. Greg all the way.”

“I’ll be watching from afar.”

“I really want to marry her. ”

“I won’t stand in the way.”


“Have you ever thought about ending up in a bad marriage with her.”

“I’m prepared to wade through it with her to reach the end unmaimed.”

” I’m impressed and I think you’re ready.”







I, Gabriel 4

When Jennie comes over to where I’m learning to sit from a lying position, I cease the chance to talk to her.

“Hi, Jennie?” I whisper and she presses her purple teddy tightly to her chest, immensely blown away. I place my pointer over my lips and give her a prolonged ‘sh’ sound as a sign she shouldn’t let the cat out of the bag yet with her eccentric hysteric mannerism. She gets it and calms down a bit but still looks apprehensive. She sure knows babies my age only gurgle and coo. They don’t converse meaningfully.

“How are you,” I whisper again to get her flap her tongue but her main focus is my mouth with an intermittent glance over her shoulder at my mom and hers, probably wishing they could wiretap my eloquence.

“How could you do that? You’re just a baby” She asks, her voice shaky. I feel happy that she responds.

“This is okay Jennie. Some babies talk early and some earlier than others. I know I’m freaking you out but understand that this is how I am.” I whispered

She keeps mute, looks at me as if I’m one hell of an unearthly being and back at them and makes to skedaddle.

“Don’t go away, Jennie. You can talk to people, right? Say your mind, ask questions, contribute to discussions, right? I’ve been longing since I turned two months to express my opinions just like that but I don’t want to scare them. It’s not everyone that can stand an eloquent infant. That’s why I chose to talk to you, Jennie. I feel you’re strong at heart.” I stop when I notice her eyes bulge and her face become disorganised by the horror movie before her in such a way that amuses me but when she slumps on the floor fainted, I freak out. Mum and Elina rush to the scene and carry her to the sofa. Mum calls the emergency and as we all wait for the paramedics to arrive, they both ask, “what could have happened to her,” and mom keeps asking if she was ill.

As I look at her lying there as though dead, a thought crosses my mind. I know that when she wakes, it will never be the same again, I will always be a weirdo, she might stop coming to our house too.

Well, I guess I didn’t quite know Jennie well. Now that I know she shakes like a leaf too, just like all of the – mom and others, I’ll never distress her with my eloquent chatter. I only wish my self-revelation living in her memory could vanish with her present unconsciousness state so that when she wakes up, it will be her usual peaceful happy childish life.


Writing Challenge

untitled - 11876520317..jpg

After 18 stories in 23 days and 7 days yet to go, I’m bringing this challenge to an abrupt end. I know! It means that I failed woefully. What Happened? Stress at the office- has attacked a collected attitude needful for proper reasoning. A good writing requires cool-headedness, not a scattered mind. I know things will get better soon. It’s not always that way. But for now, no chance.

But to be sincere, I must say that I achieved a lot during these 18 days I was able to complete my daily challenge.

Setting goals in life help one to be more focused on whatever one desires to achieve. It’s motivating. It gingers and pushes one to work harder towards achieving one’s aim. I think this writing challenge is somehow similar to set goals because I had an aim, even though I didn’t quite achieve that aim, I woke up every morning having in mind there was something I must do and every day I made plans on what to write, when to write and how to write it to be able to produce a presentable outcome within the stipulated time period. This attitude wasn’t part of my writing ever since I created my website a year ago. I didn’t know where I was heading to and didn’t care. Now I’m more focused and care more.

Writer’s block – Someone once said that she didn’t allow writer’s block to stand in the way to her constant writing. She often sat before the blank page with blank head and yet get some words on the blank page and most of the times ideas were triggered from there. I argued it out with her but, during this period of my challenge I found out that, yes, it’s actually true that someone could be able to do that and that is if the person is not under stress. Although for me, there is a huge difference in content quality when the ideas flow by intuition and when forced out but in the end, there is always a presentable outcome.

Setting limits – During my challenge I learnt that it’s possible to shrink a story from 1000 words to 50 words and still give a clear context. Although it didn’t work for some of the stories, it worked well for some. This took a lot of my self-control to keep to the limit though

Time was a big problem in the challenge. I already have a tight schedule and this challenge made it worse. There were days I felt like paying someone to write and post my stories. It was that bad.

What else? Editing took approximately I hour of my time in each story. Surprised? Don’t be – I, first of all, write 100 to 200 words and then shrink to 50, check spellings, check grammar and yet when I thought it’s shipshape and set for publishing, a giant mistake popped up and the editing went on.

My achievements – More visitors, more views, more followers. I’m thankful for all these. Thank you, guys.

Below are the top 5 stories during my challenge

  1. Gone Beneath
  2. Take me
  3. Chains
  4. Go Get Jobs
  5. Male Child


50 words

A lovely couple laughed heartily from a corner of the eatery. Suddenly, a woman walked to their table and demanded an explanation. The lady arched her brows and waited. “Honey, this is Callista, she’s my colleague at work.” They left while the content of two glasses ran down his face.

Male Child

50 words

Siandi’s mother died while giving birth to her and in his desperation to have a male child who would retain his family name, Siandi’s father, Mr Hendul Noku arranged for a man, who defiled her. She got pregnant at seventeen. But while giving birth to a female child, she died.